October 07, 1985 12:00 PM


There’s only one premiere this week: NBC’s Misfits of Science on October 4. Late in the game the producers were still recutting the show, trying to perform miracles, so that you can believe Dean Paul Martin as a research scientist and so he can survive more than one night against Dallas. We’ll see. Now about those Emmys: I’d rather have sat through 24 straight hours of Alan Thicke reruns. The show was that boring, filled with has-beens and hoofers (as if production numbers have anything to do with TV today). How much better it would have been to show a few great moments from TV—they do exist. But, far worse, the awards themselves demonstrated just what is chronically wrong with TV as an industry: They played it safe, refusing to reward imagination or anything new (like Miami Vice). Grade: F

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