March 04, 1991 12:00 PM

John Candy and John Goodman are both likable, talented comic actors; neither seems to have missed too many meals. They have something else in common: They are both still waiting for a truly memorable movie role. Goodman had some nice, if limited, moments in Sea of Love and Arachnophobia. But those were second- or third-banana parts. And while his current vehicle, King Ralph, is his film, it’s certainly not likely to change anyone’s life, Goodman’s included. Candy, meanwhile, gets stuffed into another turkey in Nothing but Trouble. Other than appealing supporting shots in such films as Splash and Spaceballs, he has floundered through such disasters as Armed and Dangerous, Brewster’s Millions and Who’s Harry Crumb? The mediocre Uncle Buck notwithstanding, he still seems sorely underused. It may be that both Candy and Goodman need inspired help to carry a movie, the way Hardy needed Laurel. Maybe they could even use each other. Anyone out there got a comedy script about a pro-wrestling tag team?

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