By Ralph Novak
April 15, 1991 12:00 PM

The new horror film Warlock qualifies for consideration in an arcane movie-trivia game: Pick the best combination of films that have identical titles but are about totally different subjects. (The 1959 Warlock was a Henry Fonda-Richard Widmark Western.) Some possibilities: the terrorism-at-the-Super Bowl Black Sunday (1977) and the Barbara Steele gothic chiller Black Sunday (1961); the Bob Hope-Mickey Rooney service comedy Off Limits (1953) and the Willem Dafoe-Gregory Hines Vietnam thriller Off Limits (1988); the neo-film noir Against All Odds (1984) and the Fu Manchu Against All Odds (1968). Here’s a vote, though, for the 1943 desert-warfare classic Sahara, with Humphrey Bogart, and the 1984 desert hamming-it-up classic Sahara, with Brooke Shields. Title least likely ever to be duplicated: I Am the Cheese.