August 27, 1990 12:00 PM

Game time: Let’s say that Mel Gibson is today’s movie equivalent of Clark Gable, and Tom Hanks is today’s version of James Stewart. Some other possible matchups: Michelle Pfeiffer-Lana Turner; Denzel Washington-Paul Newman; Kathleen Turner-Barbara Stanwyck; Steve Martin-Bob Hope; Meg Ryan-Janet Leigh; Kevin Costner-Gary Cooper; Julia Roberts-Jane Fonda; Harrison Ford-John Wayne; Glenn Close-Susan Hayward; Bruce Willis-Humphrey Bogart; Jessica Lange-Vivien Leigh; Robert Englund-Bela Lugosi; Meryl Streep-Bette Davis; Matthew Broderick-George Brent; Arnold Schwarzenegger-Laurence Olivier. Well, okay, so that last one is something of a reach. But you’ve got the idea—now you’re on your own.

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