By Ralph Novak
April 16, 1990 12:00 PM

To judge from Internal Affairs, The Last of the Finest and Hard to Kill, Los Angeles must be a pretty grim place, with corruptible cops chasing drug dealers and each other around all day. Even Pretty Woman, which makes the city look better, has that line about the place being a haven for sycophants. And the tragic plague of chronic gang warfare, touched on so far mainly in Colors, will no doubt show up again. So let’s list some great things about L.A. First, of course, there’s Magic Johnson. Then there’s, um, yes, that great zoo! No, that’s San Diego. But there are miles of beaches, though they’re really in Santa Monica and Malibu. Okay, how about those beautiful foreign cars lined up for miles on the freeways, their engines idling and…Well, there’s crime in Denver too, but people don’t keep making movies about that. So give L.A. a break.