By Chuck Arnold Eileen Finan
May 26, 2014 12:00 PM


Turn Blue |


You know you are in for something different with the Black Keys’ eighth album when the opener, “Weight of Love,” takes its sweet time to unfold—drifting through a spacey soundscape for more than two minutes before frontman Dan Auerbach sings a note—and then stretches out to almost seven minutes. It’s clear that we’re not in “Tighten Up” or “Lonely Boy” territory anymore. The psychedelic, surrealistic shades of Turn Blue reflect a decided departure from 2011’s Grammy-winning El Camino, a bold move against repeating a winning game. While the new album – once again coproduced by Danger Mouse – doesn’t always flat-out rock as much as you expect or maybe want it to, there are subtler pleasures to be found on songs like the soul-kissed title tune, with Auerbach working his falsetto more often. Still, the duo shake things up with some cool grooves on tracks like the shimmying “Fever” and the rumbling “It’s Up to You Now,” both of which keep their ’60s spirit alive. Meanwhile the Stonesy closer, “Gotta Get Away,” sends them out with a guitar-riffing bang.

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