January 20, 2014 12:00 PM



Sweet Summer Sun

Almost 44 years to the day that they played a free concert at London’s Hyde Park in 1969, the Stones returned last summer with a two-day gig for a new generation. While it’s always impressive to see how Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie still move like they’re in their 20s, the interspersed footage of the (millennial!) crowd and the commentary by the band on what it means to play on their home turf are as entertaining as the live performances. Mick’s falsetto on bonus track “Emotional Rescue” reminds you that the old boy’s still got it.


Released: The Human Rights Concerts 1986–1998

This six-disc box set celebrates 12 years of Amnesty International’s star-studded concerts, which raised money for human rights activism. We’re talking almost 16 hours of performance footage of legends from Sting and Bruce Springsteen to Joan Baez. It also includes a new documentary about the concert series. The ’80s clips are especially cool to watch: Bono, in all his long-haired, fringe-coat-wearing glory, proves he’s always been nothing short of awesome.


The Truth About Love Tour

From the moment she flies (literally, via acrobatic wires) onto the stage for “Raise Your Glass” to the fist-pumping finale (in which she soars over the crowd singing “So What”), this experience is like nothing you’ve seen before. Pink is an onstage superhero.


Live at Rome Olympic Stadium

Who knew Matthew Bellamy was such a commanding rock god? The singer leads the audience to serious highs, especially on hits like “Resistance.” This DVD will have you headbanging from your couch.


Night Train to Georgia

Aldean plays his hits at the Univeristy of Georgia stadium, but it’s the backstage footage – where he gets emotional over how far his career has come – that keeps this from being a basic concert recap.

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