Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston | R |



Gibson’s turn as Boston homicide detective Thomas Craven marks his first starring role since 2002’s Signs. Unfortunately, this grim thriller does not make for a welcome return. After a shocking start—Craven’s daughter comes home for a visit and is brutally gunned down in front of her dad—the script turns plodding. Although police initially think Craven was the murderer’s intended target, he soon uncovers evidence that his daughter may have been killed for trying to expose a corporate cover-up. With little suspense, Craven quickly homes in on the bad guy (Huston). Add a mysterious government operative (Winstone) and a shady U.S. senator, and the movie veers toward the ridiculous, as Craven—repeatedly held up as a model cop—goes on a vengeful shooting spree. Gibson should have chosen better for his comeback.

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