By Alynda Wheat Suzanne Zuckerman
July 05, 2010 12:00 PM

Knight and Day

Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard | PG-13|


Here’s hoping you really dig Tom Cruise, because Knight and Day throws a bunch of Toms at you. Remember the grinning goof bouncing on Oprah’s couch? He shows up as rogue FBI agent Roy Miller, charming the guileless June Havens (Diaz) on a flight to Boston just before killing everyone else on the plane. Roy is so disarmingly, cheerfully unhinged that by the time they crash-land in a Kansas cornfield, this looks like a promising relationship. Too bad that Cruise doesn’t stick around. As Knight hurtles forward in a manic rush to protect June and save a genius scientist (Paul Dano), Roy drops the delightful loon persona in favor of some other Cruises. Jerry Maguire’s Tom begs June to help him help her as they dodge bullets, while Days of Thunder and Top Gun Toms handle the cars and copters. All of the Toms seem to enjoy drugging June, who wakes up in a new exotic location every time, as befuddled as the audience. By the time Mission: Impossible Tom arrives to dispatch more bad guys, Knight is just another middling love-on-the-run comedy-The Killers, but with actual chemistry and better jokes. It’s entertaining enough: Diaz is an amusing flirt, and Tom’s personalities are mostly a hoot. But could this movie have picked just one?


| R |



Named after a medic killed in action, Restrepo is one of the deadliest outposts in the Afghan mountains. It’s where a U.S. Army platoon holes up for a year, going on nerve-racking patrols, holding frustrating meetings with local elders and, inevitably, facing death-all in front of cameras. Codirected by author Sebastian Junger, whose book War also chronicles the platoon, the film is a soldier’s view of battle, as visceral as it is apolitical (though you’ll develop conclusions of your own). If the men’s accounts of one fierce firefight doesn’t get to you, watching as they discover the body of one of their own certainly will.