November 10, 2011 12:00 PM


Susan Spungen

The famed food stylist for Eat, Pray, Love and Julie and Julia

1. Peanut Brittle

“This addictive snack, at N.Y.C.’s Redhead restaurant, helped lead the trend for bacon in everything!” Bacon Peanut Brittle (1 lb. bag), $21.99;

2. Cured Meats

“The best artisanal cured meats can be shipped to a salami lover in beautiful gift boxes.” Traditional artisan salami mix, $48;

3. Caramel Chocolates

“These are absolutely habit-forming.” Caramel Blend Assortment, $20 for a box of 12;

4. Assorted Cheeses

“Ann Saxelby has become famous for her perfectly curated selection of American and French cheeses.” Cheesemonger’s Choice (small), $49;

5. Pistachios

“This big bag of the best and freshest pistachios makes a welcome gift for any home or office.” Super Colossal Pistachios, $39.95;


Charlotte Voisey

The James Beard award-winning mixologist

1. Cocktail Shaker

“The classic tool to shake up delicious cocktails—build ingredients in the glass, fill with ice, then shake till your arms tire.” Professional Boston shaker, non-weighted, $14.50;

2. Bar Spoon

“Tools like this make cocktail mixing easy while looking very glamorous.” Trident gold barspoon, 31.5 cm, $22.95;

3. Personalized Napkins

“Bespoke designed cocktail napkins make for a thoughtful, fun gift.” Cocktail napkins, $28 for 50, $32 for 100;

4. Cocktail Book

“Aside from being a beautiful coffee table book, The Modern Mixologist offers recipes and advice.” The Modern Mixologist, by Tony Abou Ganim, $35;

5. Citrus Squeezer

“Every cocktail tastes better with fresh citrus juice. This is the most durable squeezer.” Norpro stainless steel citrus press juicer $37.99;


Yifat Oren

The celebrity party planner behind Reese Witherspoon‘s dream wedding

1. Brie Baker

“It’s a handy go-to dish to have on hand for impromptu celebrations—or those late-night baked-cheese cravings!” Brie baker and spreader, $25;

2. Corkscrew

“Sophisticated and classy, it’s perfect to lay out for parties or an intimate dinner for two.” Corkscrew, $35;

3. Cutting Board

“This handmade piece makes a kitchen look like an art gallery.” Log cutting board, $29.50;

4. Pepper Mill

“The design makes it classic and understated.” Dansk Jane peppermill, $39.95;

5. Salad Servers

“Chic and practical. The wings rest these servers right on the bowl.” Wings salad servers, $25;

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