By Stephanie Emma Pfeffer
April 27, 2015 12:00 PM


Protein drink Small piece of ginger-lemon cake

(first taste from recipe testing)

Tastes on The Chew

Acorn squash and sage risotto

Ricotta ravioli with toasted almonds

Cocoa-dusted candied nuts


88 oz. of water a day (approx seven 12-oz. bottles) and a small pot of fennel-cinnamon detox tea

Try It!

Herbal teas help the body detox naturally—especially when made with fennel. Plus, making tea can be calming.


12 oz. cup of popcorn 1 clementine

Tastes on The Chew

Roasted spring chicken with carrots

Filet with creamed spinach

Full meaty ziti

Portuguese omelet with home fries



Mixed green salad with oil and vinegar

2-egg omelet


1 slice of ginger-lemon cake

Total Calories: 1,747

The Verdict “Carla does a good job getting in greens and other veggies at her ‘normal’ meals,” says dietitian Keri Glassman of “But since she has so many bites at the show, I would suggest a solid breakfast (so she isn’t starving when she does taste the decadent items)! When she’s not taking bites—by the way, great job just tasting and not gorging—she should aim for those meals to be as ‘clean’ and lean as possible. And well done on hydration!”