December 21, 2009 12:00 PM

Nanny Returns

by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus |



Seven years after The Nanny Diaries skewered the world of child rearing in Manhattan’s upper echelons, authors McLaughlin and Kraus (two former nannies themselves) are back with Nanny 2.0. Now married to “Harvard Hottie,” Diaries’ heroine Nan, who was fired as family X’s nanny 12 years before, has returned to Manhattan to start a consulting business—and, just maybe, a family. She’s ambivalent about motherhood. “Being responsible for another person’s life,” she says. “It’s not some nostalgic impulse purchase.” But when her former charge shows up drunk at her door—with the old nanny-cam tape Nan made urging his parents to step up to the plate—she reengages with the boy she’d seemingly abandoned. Drawn back into the toxic world of the Xs, she helps Grayer, now 16, and his brother Stilton, 7 (naming your boys after cheeses rarely bodes well), as they navigate their parents’ divorce and their negligent mother’s illness. In the process, not surprisingly, Nan learns she has what it takes to be a mom. As bitingly funny as its predecessor, this Nanny also make serious points about the pitfalls of modern parenting. It does chick lit proud.

The authors’ 2002 bestseller

The Overnight Socialite

by Bridie Clark |



My Fair Lady gets another update in this novel about Lucy, a chubby Minnesotan and wannabe fashion designer who becomes the laughingstock of Manhattan when she crashes through a plastic runway at a glitterati-filled event. Enter Wyatt, a rich, hot playboy who’s just dumped his socialite girlfriend Cornelia. Bored with his life, he takes on Lucy as a project. Can he—with the help of a personal trainer and a Bergdorf’s card—make her the toast of N.Y.C. society? Of course. Do they fall for each other? What do you think? But Clark’s wry observations on the cutthroat New York social scene help redeem her story’s predictability.

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