December 19, 1977 12:00 PM

The names of 20 prominent people, current and historical, are hidden in the maze of letters. How many can you find by consulting the brief clues? The names read forward, backward, up, down or diagonally, are always in a straight line and never skip letters. We have started you off by circling ROTH, the answer to 1 in the diagram. The names may overlap and letters may be used more than once, but not all of the letters will be used. Super PEOPLE sleuths should be able to identify 15 or more names. Answers next week.


1. Desirable professor

2. Cinderella on Park Ave.

3. Her close encounters

4. Loving Sir

5. Romantic Barbara

6. Yankee malaprop-er

7. Mr. Kot-tuh

8. First, she cried

9. Dance’s Twyla

10. Sensuous “J”

11. Ex-bondman

12. “Luckiest man” in baseball

13. One on one

14. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo

15. M.D.-author

16. A seagull’s illusions

17. Soloing Who

18. Debby & Daddy

19. Bard of Margaritaville

20. Deep Nick

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