October 05, 1981 12:00 PM

The names of 20 prominent people are hidden in the maze of letters. How many can you find by consulting the brief clues? The names read forward, backward, up, down or diagonally, are always in a straight line and never skip letters. We have started you off by circling TAYLOR, the answer to 1 in the diagram. The names may overlap and letters may be used more than once, but not all of the letters will be used. Super PEOPLE sleuths should be able to identify 15 or more names. Answers in next week’s issue.


1. Song family of five

2. Sophisticated Broadway lady

3. Calif. Angels’ angel

4. Cabinet steer roper

5. Fiddling funnyman

6. Fiddling genius

7. No ordinary director

8. From D.C. to T.V.

9. Big mouth Martha

10. Socco in Victory

11. Feline nemesis

12. TV’s Foul Player

13. Munchkin in Hollywood…

14. …His den mother

15. Have raincoat, will snoop

16. Our man at St. James’s

17. Somers’ successor

18. Houston transplanter

19. Tells all with sparks

20. Sanka pitchman

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