March 03, 2003 12:00 PM

ROME: In one of the biggest demonstrations in Europe, organizers claimed nearly 1 million people thronged Rome’s Plaza Venezia, adjacent to the Coliseum. Many blew whistles and carried rainbow-colored banners that bore the word “peace” in several languages.

LOS ANGELES: “If [President Bush] were here, I’d say to him, ‘Peace,'” said Anjelica Huston, who marched down Hollywood Boulevard with actress Kelly Lynch (left), Martin Sheen and other West Wing stars.

PARIS: A delegation of Americans was among an estimated 100,000 protesters who jammed the famed Boulevard St. Michel.

NEW YORK: Despite freezing temperatures, hundreds of thousands of protesters, among them Susan Sarandon, Rosie Perez and Harry Belafonte, filled 23 blocks around the United Nations.

LONDON: Rev. Jesse Jackson urged a huge crowd to “turn up the heat” on Prime Minister Tony Blair, a strong ally of the Bush Administration.

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“With numbers you can move mountains,” says Kim Basinger. Dozens of stars marching and signing petitions against war seem to agree. But will their status make people listen? It won’t hurt. Says Janeane Garofalo: “Dissent is not a bad word.”

JAKE GYLLENHAAL: “If we attack countries that haven’t attacked us, why can’t other countries do that to us? Why does that make them evil and us heroes?”

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL: “We haven’t exhausted every possibility to avoid it. I think that’s our job.”

KIRSTEN DUNST: “I don’t feel that the war is being justified….Saddam Hussein should not be allowed to possess weapons of mass destruction, but a preemptive attack will only make other countries turn against us and in the end shame us. I want to be proud of the country I live in.”

GEORGE CLOONEY: ‘It’s a frustrating time for many of us [who disagree with the Administration]. We’re raised in a country that’s fundamentally about questioning our government. That’s part of the design of our Constitution. But now [if you do], you’re labeled unpatriotic.”

DANNY GLOVER: “We the people have to stop it here…. We’re speaking out before one bullet has flown.”

Thomas Fields-Meyer, JD Heyman and Patrick Rogers

Karen Nickel Anhalt, Michaele Ballard, Michelle Bowers, Tom Duffy, Eileen Finan, Anne Lang, Pete Norman, Inez Russell, Don Sider and Gail Wescott

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