May 06, 2013 12:00 PM

… Eyes


Everybody in my family has blue eyes, so it doesn’t really seem unusual to me. My mother and father both have very blue eyes, my sister’s are more blueish green, and mine are blue with a little orange ring around my pupil, so growing up it never really seemed that special. When I’m not working I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and I usually just stick with eyeliner and mascara, because my eyes are actually quite sensitive. Other than my eyes, I’d say my personality is my favorite feature. If you’re a happy person you can see it in your eyes, and if you’re angry all the time, you can see that in your eyes as well. I think my eyes reflect my personality, and that’s why they’re important to me.

… Hair


On behalf of my hair, I would like to thank PEOPLE for the incredible honor of including it in their Most Beautiful issue. My hair is thrilled, as am I that I was allowed to participate alongside it.

My hair has always gotten a lot of attention, even when it was little-girl hair, cut into a “Dorothy Hamill,” and ladies would stop my mother to talk about how shiny it was. Apparently now it has its own Twitter feed and Tumblr blog. Frankly I don’t know how my hair does it, since it’s always attached to my head, and I can barely make sense of a computer.

My hair likes to think of itself as an extension of me and therefore is happiest in its natural state. It prides itself on being low maintenance: not needing to be washed more than once a week or so, or cut more than once a year or so. Oh, and don’t get my hair started on the subject of extensions. Sure, they’re fine for other people, but my hair has been mildly insulted the few times anyone has ever suggested the idea.

Mostly, though, my hair just wants to bring joy to the world in its own way, one strawberry-blonde strand at a time.

… Legs


That was my leg in The Graduate poster. It was 1967. I was a model. It was a $25 job. A photographer I knew needed a pair of legs, and he asked me. It’s so funny that there is always interest in this. On the Dallas set, Jesse Metcalfe said he’d heard about it, and then he started staring at my legs. He would say, “I guess you have a good-shaped leg.” My legs were also in a L’eggs commercial in 1975. The casting department said, “Call this model—she does legs.”

How do I keep my legs in shape? I walk. I live in the country, so that helps. I can’t be Sue Ellen without high heels. At the end of the day I take a hot bath with Epsom salts to relax the muscles. I never even think of my legs as being so special. I think my eyes are my best feature.

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