February 12, 2001 12:00 PM

It’s Survivor Time

Keep up with the new Survivor series with our timeline showing which contestant gets booted when. We update the site each Thursday evening, right after the show airs.

New! Twice Daily News

Don’t wait for the latest word on all that’s going on. For the freshest celebrity news, read The Daily by Stephen M. Silverman. Now the column is updated every weekday afternoon. Plus, you’ll get mail: Sign up at the site to receive the column by e-mail every day.

Love Is in the Air

See our photo gallery of celebrity couples throughout history, read the great love quotes, get tips on planning a Hollywood-inspired romantic evening, and vote your choice for the year’s hottest couple. Appearing on the site beginning Feb. 5.

More Daily Photos

See a new snapshot of the hottest stars at work or play with our new Celebrity Snapshots gallery. Updated every weekday.

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