June 05, 2000 12:00 PM

Thandie’s Mission

Thandie Newton impressed audiences (and Oprah) with her haunting performance in Beloved, but she has lightened up to enjoy the wild ride in Mission: Impossible 2.

MTV Movie Awards

Find out if American Pie beats American Beauty and see the scene-stealers with our backstage cover age of the MTV Movie Awards on Sun., June 4, the morning after the popcorn trophies are handed out.

Split Personality

It shouldn’t be impossible to piece together the image of the star in this week’s Split Personality Game.

Stay in Touch

For the very latest in celebrity news, read The Daily by Stephen M. Silverman, updated on the site every weekday morning.

Tattoo Who?

Daisies, butterflies and dragons are just a few of the designs stars choose when they go for tattoos. In his week’s quiz, test your knowledge of celebrity body-part art.

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