By Brenda Rodriguez
August 07, 2006 12:00 PM

Talent must be in the DNA: Penélope Cruz, 32, is already getting raves for the Spanish movie Volver, which hits theaters this fall, and her brother, Eduardo, 21, makes his Latin pop debut with Cosas Que Contar (Things to Tell). They talked with PEOPLE’s Brenda Rodriguez about karaoke and—yes—Penélope’s lazy eye.

Eduardo, were you into music growing up in Spain?

EDUARDO: Since I was 13, when I started to compose. I learned to play keyboard and guitar and taught myself bass and drums.

PENELOPE: I’ve seen it since he was a little boy around the house with a guitar.

EDUARDO: When I was a kid, in our house there was always music.

PENELOPE: From opera to flamenco. I took Eduardo to his first Marilyn Manson concert when he was 14.

EDUARDO: We met him.

PENELOPE: He’s actually a very nice guy.

We hear the Cruz family is all about karaoke.

EDUARDO: I hate karaoke! If there’s a party, they say, “Eduardo, come and sing!” and I’m like, “I just left the studio where I sang!”

PENELOPE: I am a karaoke queen! I have a machine in my house. There is something very tacky about it, but it’s fun. Once I sang the Gwen Stefani and Eve song “Rich Girl,” trying to do both of them at the same time.

Can Penélope carry a tune?

EDUARDO: Yeah. Her tone is very good for singing.

PENELOPE: He never told me that before! First time I heard it.

Can Eduardo act?

PENELOPE: This one’s a clown. With me it’s the worst because he’s the only one who tells me all my defects. According to him, I have a lazy eye, a huge ear and my feet are completely deformed because of dancing. I laugh because I know how much he loves me.

EDUARDO: She’s my best friend.

Are you protective of Penélope when it comes to guys?

EDUARDO: If I didn’t like the guy, I would let her know. It would be clear—he wouldn’t enter the house.

PENELOPE: I like that he’s protective of me.

So, Eduardo, would you ever set Penélope up on a date?


PENELOPE: He lets me decide those things.