April 07, 1986 12:00 PM

It’s not every day that the residents of Century Village, a vast retirement community in Pembroke Pines, Fla., get to ogle a Stallone, a Pacino and a Hoffman. But it’s not every day that Richard Simmons, the diet and exercise guru, shows up to inaugurate a fitness program for seniors. At a booth marked “celebrity parents,” Jacqueline Stallone, 64, Harry Hoffman, 78, and Sal Pacino, 64, signed autographs, while Simmons, 38, led an aerobics class for oldies. “For the first 19 years of my life,” said Simmons, “I was very overweight and felt handicapped. These people are considered inferior because of extra age. But they’re not inferior. They have so much to offer.”

Indeed, they offered (for a nominal fee) to help promote the spa and Simmons’ upcoming videotape, tentatively dubbed “Richard and the Silver Foxes.” It will, says Simmons, emphasize “relaxation, stretching, good warm-up and breathing,” and star, along with the other celebrity parents, Simmons’ mother, Shirley, 75.

If Simmons’ Silvers are to be believed, they want to stay in shape for the same lusty reasons as anybody else. Says the thrice-married Stallone, “I don’t care what the men look like. It’s what I look like that matters. The worse they look, the better I look.” Jacqueline, a Californian, claims her dedication to fitness rivals that of her muscular son: As a young girl she tossed the medicine ball around with her attorney father. “It made me a 40 when I was only 10 years old,” she claims, pointing to her chest. According to Pacino, who flew in from L.A. for the event, “If I exercise it doesn’t take long to add another inch to my arms.” His prescription for longevity: “dancing” and “flirting.” Hoffman, meanwhile, could run a fitness center of his own. When his wife of 52 years died, Harry, also a Californian, married Ginger, now 39, his wife’s nurse. Back then, Ginger “certainly didn’t have the shape she has now,” he says. “She weighed about 30 pounds more.” These days they work out every morning, sometimes dance until the wee hours and, Ginger says, “He’s trying to get my tennis game up.” Okay, but give her a break, Harry. She’s pushing 40.

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