December 14, 1987 12:00 PM

I just wanted a good, unusual picture,” says Georg Lukas, 28, a freelance photographer from Essen, West Germany. One of 10 photogs covering a local auto show, Lukas knew that shots of a 15-ton truck doing wheelies would be a little static. How to liven them up? He thought about running under the truck (“but the image didn’t seem right”) or driving under it (“but my VW Golf is brand new”), and he was still stymied when he spotted a portly pensioner cycling nearby. Click! Lukas borrowed the bike, gave his camera to a fellow lensman and, after accelerating to 25 mph, rode for 60 feet with the truck’s front wheels dangling over his head. When it was over, most of his colleagues applauded his effort. Two even asked him to repeat it—they’d missed the shot. Professional courtesy aside, Lukas respectfully declined.

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