January 10, 1994 12:00 PM

Pauly Shore first appeared in PEOPLE as a gawky 11-year-old wheeling up on his bike in the rain. The subject of the April 16, 1979, story was Shore’s mother, Mitzi, owner of the Comedy Store, the Los Angeles breeding ground for the likes of Roseanne Arnold and David Letterman. Although Pauly looked like your average preteen, his upbringing was, like, totally awesome, dude. “I’d be upstairs trying to sleep, and downstairs my mom and people like Richard Pryor would be partying,” remembers the former MTV veejay who coined such phrases as “mop chillin’ ” (for nice hair) and “fresh nugs” (for good-looking women). “I didn’t know it was weird. I thought Richard Pryor partied in everyone’s living room.” Pauly’s father, comic Sammy Shore, who was divorced from Mitzi in 1974, wasn’t a standard role model either. “He’d come to my Little League games wearing nothing but Speedos and tennis shoes,” recalls Pauly, 25. “He’d yell, ‘Hit the ball, you little s—t.’ ” What effect did all this have on Pauly? “I’ve always been the way I am now, except now I get paid for it,” says Shore, who is working on his third comedy album. “If you grow up with a lawyer dad, you might become a lawyer. I became a comic.”

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