January 31, 1994 12:00 PM

This Girl’s a Woman Now

I’m the scruffiest human being alive,” says Patsy Kensit. “The paparazzi always seem to get a shot of me when I have baggy tracksuit pants on.” Not that it matters. The sultry 25-year-old British actress, who played Mel Gibson’s girlfriend in Lethal Weapon 2, was truly a babe when she made her film debut at age 4, as Mia Farrow’s daughter in The Great Gatsby—a role that also placed her in PEOPLE’S premiere issue. “They spent a fortune making that film,” says Kensit, whose next project is CBS’s spy drama Fall from Grace, which airs in June. Given that many child stars end up crossing their fingers for a comeback, how does Kensit account for her career activity? “I was never too closely identified with any one project,” says Kensit, who lives in London with her second husband, Jim Kerr, a singer with the rock band Simple Minds, and their 17-month-old son James. “My parents also treated my career as a hobby. I led a very low-key life.”

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