September 26, 2005 12:00 PM


Survivor winner Richard Hatch, 44, was indicted on Sept. 8 in Providence, for failing to pay taxes. Prosecutors allege that between 2000 and 2001, Hatch failed to report $1.4 million in income—including the $1 million he received for winning the CBS reality show’s first season—and that Hatch also pocketed $36,500 that had been donated to his nonprofit camp. A lawyer for Hatch said, “It’s very complicated, and they’re oversimplifying it.”…

Rapper 50 Cent, 29, may have been the victim of an alleged murder plot by reputed drug lord Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, according to an IRS search-warrant affidavit. The previously sealed 2003 document says investigators believed 50 Cent was shot five years ago as retribution for his song “Ghetto Koran,” about McGriff. “If there were any substance to any of the allegations made in the affidavit, it would have been part of the charges,” says an attorney for McGriff.


Actor Dylan McDermott (The Practice), 43, and his wife, actress Shiva Rose, 36, welcomed their second child, daughter Charlotte Rose, Sept. 8. The couple, who married in 1995, have another daughter, Colette, 9…. Saturday Night Live star Tina Fey, 35, and her husband, SNL composer Jeff Richmond, 44, celebrated their own “live from New York” moment with their first child, Alice, born Saturday, Sept. 10, in New York City. The couple, who dated for seven years, married in 2001. “Everybody is happy and healthy,” says an NBC rep.


On Sept. 12 in Teton County, Mont., Kelly Frank, 43, the man formerly accused of plotting to kidnap David Letterman’s 1-year-old son, Harry, was sentenced to 10 years in prison as part of a plea agreement dropping the kidnapping charges. Frank pled guilty in July to obstruction for lying during the investigation and theft for overcharging Letterman, 58, for painting the talk show host’s Montana home. In March, Frank was arrested after a friend told police he was planning on abducting Letterman’s son in an extortion plot. Said a lawyer for Frank: “He never intended to kidnap Letterman’s son.”…Anna Ayala, 39, the woman claiming to have found a partial finger in a bowl of chili at a Wendy’s restaurant in March, and her husband, Jaime Placencia, pled guilty to charges of attempted grand theft and conspiring to make a false claim Sept. 9 in Santa Clara County, Calif. The couple admitted they planted the body part, which belonged to Placencia’s fellow construction worker Brian Paul Rossiter, 36. Rossiter lost the finger segment during an industrial accident and sold it to Placencia for $100. Ayala and Placencia will be sentenced Nov. 2. Reps for Ayala and Wendy’s could not be reached for comment.


Susan Anne Catherine Torres, the daughter born Aug. 2 to Jason, a former salesman, and Susan Torres, 26, a researcher who was declared brain-dead three months before giving birth, died Sept. 12 in Washington, D.C. Born 13 weeks premature via C-section, the infant died after emergency surgery on a perforated intestine. She succumbed to infection that led to multi-system organ failure. The baby’s mother, who suffered a brain hemorrhage in May, died Aug. 3 (PEOPLE, Aug. 22, 2005). “It’s grief upon grief for Jason and the family,” says a family rep. “It will be incredibly difficult in the weeks ahead.”

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