October 28, 2002 12:00 PM


Michael Douglas, 58, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, 33, are expecting their second child next spring. The actors have a 2-year-old son, Dylan. Douglas also has a son, Cameron, 23, from his previous marriage to producer Diandra Douglas.


On Oct. 9 in L.A., actor Sean Connery, 72, filed a lawsuit for more than $17 million against Mandalay Pictures, alleging that the production company intentionally misled him about the ability to finance the spy thriller End Game. Connery, who in 1999 agreed to star in the film (which was never made), says he passed up other movie opportunities during that time. A rep for Mandalay said, “The claims are frivolous and without merit.”


Grammy-winning composer, big-band leader and easy-listening pioneer Ray Conniff, 85, whose 25 Top 40 albums included’s Wonderful! and Somewhere My Love, died on Oct. 12 in Escondido, Calif., days after hitting his head in a fall….

Actress Teresa Graves, 53, who starred as an undercover cop in ABC’s Get Christie Love! during the 1974-75 season, died in a fire at her L.A. home on Oct.10. Graves was previously a regular on. Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. The cause of the blaze is under investigation….

Actor Dennis Patrick, 84, who played banker Vaughn Leland on Dallas from 1979 to ’84, also died in a fire at his L.A. home on Oct. 13. Investigators believe that Patrick, who appeared in The Twilight Zone and in the campy ’60s soap opera Dark Shadows, may have died of smoke inhalation….

French-born free diver Audrey Mestre, 28, who claimed the female world record with a dive of 427 ft., died on Oct. 12 off the coast of the Dominican Republic while attempting to set another record. Free divers plunge to great depths without using air tanks (PEOPLE, Aug. 26, 2002). The cause of death is still being investigated.


Veteran Irish actor Richard Harris, 69, is suffering from Hodgkin’s disease. According to his rep, the two-time Oscar nominee, who’ll next be seen in November’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is responding well to treatment and expects to be released from a London hospital soon.

Law and Order

On Oct. 14 a London appeals court ruled against model Naomi Campbell, who earlier this year had successfully sued the Daily Mirror for $5,428 for breach of confidentiality after the tabloid ran a photo of her leaving a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. A judge said the picture was in the public interest because Campbell, 32, had previously gone out of her way to tell the media that she did not use drugs. The model now plans to appeal the ruling to the House of Lords.


Country singer Trace Adkins, 40, was released from a Franklin, Tenn., hospital on Oct. 10, two days after his off-road farm vehicle flipped over on him at his nearby home. The performer, who sustained injuries to his ribs and bruises to his shoulder and pelvis, should make a complete recovery.

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