June 05, 2000 12:00 PM


Hairstylist Michel Kazan, who coiffed models and bigwigs like Greta Garbo and Natalie Wood and helped make the bouffant, the French twist and the pageboy the top dos of the ’50s and ’60s, died on May 13 in Manhattan. He was 92….

Actor and director Paul Bartel, 61, whose best-known work was the 1982 black comedy Eating Raoul, died of an apparent heart attack in Manhattan on May 13; shortly after he was diagnosed with liver cancer….

French-born flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal, who piped tunes from Bach to Bacharach on his 18-karat-gold flute and became the world’s most popular performer on that instrument, died on May 20 in Paris. He was 78….

Basketball guard Malik Sealy, who played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, died in a car crash on May 20 near Minneapolis. He was 30….

Eva Jagger, the 87-year-old mother of rocker Mick Jagger, died of a heart condition on May 18 in London. Mrs. Jagger was last seen in public with her famous son in March, when she accompanied him to the opening of an arts center named in his honor at his alma mater Dartford Grammar in Kent….

On May 18, Bart the Bear, a 1,580-lb. grizzly whose roles with Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, Daryl Hannah in The Clan of the Cave Bear and Anthony Hopkins in The Edge made him the Ursa Major of Hollywood stars, died “peacefully, surrounded by his family and friends at his home in Utah,” according to one of his trainers, Lynne Seus. Bart, whose greatest acting part was that of the leading bear in 1989’s The Bear, was 23 and had been battling cancer.

Parting Ways

The office manager at Nippy Inc., the New Jersey management company owned by Whitney Houston, has quit. Robyn Crawford, 35, who was also the the dulcet diva’s best friend and confidante since they were teenagers, has reportedly relocated to California. Houston’s spokeswoman would not comment on the reason for Crawford’s departure.


On May 22 in Houston a jury voted for the death sentence for Angel Maturino Resendiz, 40, the so-called railroad killer, a drifter who confessed to murdering nine people in several states.

Law and Order

On May 19 police in London reportedly arrested Guy Ritchie, 31, the boyfriend of Madonna, 41, and the father of her second child, due in the fall, and booked him on suspicion of assault. Ritchie, a film director, allegedly roughed up a persistent fan outside the couple’s home in Kensington.

Bowing Out

Citing his health and saying he lacked “the kind of confidence I think I should have,” New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who turns 56 on May 28, announced on May 19 he was abandoning his campaign for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton. Giuliani was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Behind Bars

Besmirched ice princess Tonya Harding, 29, spent three days in the clink recently for slugging her boyfriend and trying to coldcock him with a hubcap on Feb. 28. The ex-skating champ pleaded guilty on May 18 in Camas, Wash., to disorderly conduct and malicious mischief and claimed she hit electrician Darren Silver, 28, in self-defense. Harding was banned from amateur skating for life as a result of her role in the 1994 attack against rival Nancy Kerrigan.

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