December 14, 1998 12:00 PM

Law and Order

On Nov. 12 in West Hollywood, cops pulled over a black Chevrolet Suburban and cited its driver, Leonardo DiCaprio, 24, for having windows tinted too dark for safe driving. The infraction will cost the actor $20.


Character actor Dick O’Neill, who played the father of the Sharon Gless character on TV’s Cagney & Lacey as well as numerous recurring roles on sitcoms such as Home Improvement and Cybill, died of heart failure on Nov. 17 in Santa Monica. He was 70….

Inventor Helen H. Malsed, 88, who made a fortune by using the Slinky as a springboard for her variations on the pull-toy—the Slinky Dog and the Slinky Train—died Nov. 13 in Seattle. After she sold her patents in 1949, she collected handsome royalty checks until the mid-’70s….

Window-display artist Gene Moore, who beguiled world-weary Manhattan pedestrians with the windows he wittily dressed at Tiffany’s for nearly four decades, died in New York City on Nov. 23 at 88.


Actress Kate Mulgrew, 43, an Iowa native who now captains Star Trek: Voyager, announced in late November that she plans to wed Ohio politician Tim Hagan, 52, in the spring. That will be when Mulgrew’s show goes on hiatus, or “as soon as she gets back from Delta Quadrant,” joked the groom-to-be. Mulgrew has two sons from a previous marriage that ended in 1993….

Actress Kellie Martin, 23, the bubbly, bumbling med student on ER, and her boyfriend, Keith Christian, 24, a law student at New York City’s Columbia University, became engaged on Nov. 27 but have not yet set a wedding date.

Legal Matters

On Nov. 30 in Houston, 1996 Olympic gold-medal-winning gymnast Dominique Moceanu, 17, secured an order of protection against her father, Dumitru Moceanu, 44, manager of a sports facility, after alleging that he had been following her and had sought to harm her friends. In October, charging that her parents had squandered her trust fund, Moceanu sued to gain emancipation from them, but they gave their daughter her independence in an out-of-court settlement.


After a one-year courtship, country music crooner Gary Allan, 30, and model Danette Day, 31, were married on Nov. 28 in Aiken, S.C., the bride’s hometown. It was the second marriage for both. Allan’s daughters—Maggie, 9, Dallas, 5, and Tana, 3—were flower girls at the ceremony.


Gender-bending shock rocker Marilyn Manson, 29, got inn trouble for trashing four rooms of a Sheraton hotel in Pough-keepsie, N.Y., on Nov. 21 after a local gig. He and members of his band burned carpets and stained sinks with purple hair dye, according to a spokeswoman for the hotel. Manson et al agreed to reimburse the hostelry for damages.


On Nov. 30 in Los Angeles superior court, personal manager Inga Vainshtein, 37, filed a complaint against former client Jewel, 24, alleging breach of contract and seeking an award of $10 million in damages. Vainshtein claims the singer’s mother, Nedra J. Carroll, 48, became her daughter’s manager “to profit personally off the spectacular financial success [Jewel] has enjoyed.”

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