May 19, 1997 12:00 PM

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, 30, reportedly wed physician Monica Turner, 31, in a private Muslim ceremony in late April at her Bethesda, Md., home. It was the second marriage for Tyson, who was divorced from actress Robin Givens in 1989, and the first for Turner, who is a pediatrician in Washington. The couple, who have a daughter, Rayna, 14 months, are expecting a second child in August.

Golfer Henry Picard, 90, a former Masters and P.G.A. champion, died on April 30 in Charleston, S.C., of undisclosed causes….

Actor John Beal, 87, died on April 26 of complications from a stroke in Santa Cruz, Calif. Beal, whose career on Broadway and in Hollywood spanned six decades, also appeared on TV shows including The Waltons, Kojak and Another World….

Swedish director Bo Wider-berg, 66, best known for his film Elvira Madigan (1967), died in Angelholm, Sweden, of undisclosed causes. The three-time Academy Award nominee’s film Raven’s End (1964) was named the best Swedish movie ever made in a poll by a Swedish arts magazine….

Bebe, the last of seven bottlenose dolphins to star in the popular ’60s TV series Flipper, died on May 1 at the Miami Sea-quarium. The 40-year-old dolphin gave birth to her eighth calf, Echo, last year.

Lois & Clark’s Teri Hatcher, 32, and her husband, actor Jon Tenney, 35, are expecting their first child in December. The pregnancy has producers of Hatcher’s latest project, the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, rushing to finish her scenes.

Country crooners Faith Hill, 29, and husband Tim McGraw, 29, welcomed their first child, a 4-lb., 14-oz. girl, Gracie Katherine, in Nashville on May 5.

Actress Kathy Bates, 48, and her husband, actor Anthony Campisi, 48, are divorcing. The couple, who have no children, have been together 18 years and married for six.

On April 29 the U.S. House of Representatives voted to award singer Frank Sinatra, 81, the Congressional Gold Medal. Sinatra, who suffered an apparent heart attack in January, watched the vote on C-SPAN from his home. Previous winners have included Winston Churchill, Bob Hope and Joe Louis. The singer said in a statement, “That lofty institution has…made me very, very happy.”

Michael Buffer, 52, the sports announcer famous for his signature-phrase “Let’s get ready to rrrrrrummm-ble!” filed suit against talk radio host Oliver North in Los Angeles on April 30, claiming that North used the trade-marked line on his syndicated radio program without Buffer’s authorization. Buffer is seeking unspecified damages….

On May 5 an L.A. judge dismissed a wrongful-death suit brought by actor Carroll O’Connor, 72, against Harry Perzigian, 41, who was convicted last year of supplying cocaine to O’Connor’s actor son Hugh, who fatally shot himself in 1995 at age 32. The judge ruled that O’Connor had filed the suit after the one-year statute of limitations had expired. Perzigian, meanwhile, has countersued O’Connor, claiming the actor libeled him by calling him “a partner in murder.” Proceedings in that case are set to begin on July 7.

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