September 02, 1996 12:00 PM

Actor Tony Randall, currently appearing in a London stage revival of The Odd Couple, is about to become a first-time father at age 76. He and his wife, actress Heather Harlan, 26, are expecting in April….

Raspy-voiced singer Melissa Etheridge, 35, and her romantic partner of eight years, music video director Julie Cypher, 31, have announced that they are expecting a child in January. The couple refused to comment on how Cypher became pregnant.

ESPN’s Tom Mees, 46, who most recently anchored the channel’s National Hockey League telecasts, drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool on Aug. 14 in Southington, Conn. According to police, Mees, who couldn’t swim, was playing with his daughters Gabrielle, 4, and Lauren, 8, when he accidentally fell into the pool’s deep end….

Veteran supporting actor Joe Seneca, 80ish, who played a reverend in A Time to Kill, died of an asthma attack at his home in New York City. He played opposite James Earl Jones in Broadway’s Of Mice and Men (1974) and with Paul Newman in the film The Verdict (1982)….

Lester “Joe” Cruzan, 62, who as a result of the Supreme Court’s first euthanasia ruling, in 1990, won the right to remove his comatose daughter from a feeding tube, was found dead at his home in Carterville, Mo., on Aug. 17, an apparent suicide. Nancy Cruzan, 33 at the time of her death, was kept alive for nearly eight years after a 1983 car accident.

Rocker Billy Idol, 40, spent the weekend in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering an epileptic seizure on Aug. 16 and, according to his publicist, is “100 percent recovered.”

Singer Rick James, 48, was released from California’s Folsom Prison on Aug. 21 after serving three years for assaulting a woman and holding her hostage in 1992. The singer plans to marry his girlfriend Tanya Hijazi, who served 15 months in prison for her involvement in the case and is the mother of James’s son Tazman, 4.

Retiring Utah Congresswoman Enid Greene, 37, whose divorce from political consultant Joe Waldholtz, 33, became final in June (PEOPLE, Dec. 4, 1995), was awarded sole custody of their daughter Elizabeth, 1, in an out-of-court settlement on Aug. 15. Waldholtz, who pleaded guilty to federal charges of fraud for his activities as Greene’s 1994 campaign treasurer, will be sentenced on Sept. 19….

California Attorney General Dan Lungren filed suit against Polly Klaas’s murderer, Richard Allen Davis, 42, on Aug. 19, seeking money he might have received for an interview and photos he gave Hard Copy. Lungren cited a California law that prohibits convicts from profiting from their crimes. The tabloid TV show acknowledged, through a spokesman, spending $4,000 for rights to the still photos but denied paying Davis….

A court-ordered auction of possessions of businessman Jeffrey Nichols, 48, raised $60,000 in Essex, Vt., on Aug. 17. The proceeds will be put toward the $640,000 in child support he owes his ex-wife Marilyn Nichols-Kane (PEOPLE, Sept. 4, 1995) for their three children. Nichols, who pleaded guilty in July to a charge of crossing state lines to avoid making his $9,000 monthly payments, is being held in a New York City jail pending his Oct. 1 sentencing.

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