Walt Disney Co. chairman Michael Eisner, 52, is recovering after quadruple coronary bypass surgery on July 16 in Los Angeles….

Indomitable comedian George Burns, 98, suffered a scalp gash after slipping in the bathtub at his Beverly Hills home on July 13. Burns, who received several stitches, had to reschedule a four-night gig at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas….

French President François Mitterrand, 77, is recuperating at a Paris hospital after urinary tract surgery July 18. Doctors expect a full recovery in two months. He is due to retire next year….

Meanwhile, Mitterrand’s wife, Danielle, 69, underwent cardiovascular surgery on July 15.

Sylvester Stallone, 48, and model-photographer Janice Dickinson, 37, ended their romantic involvement after a DNA test conclusively proved that Sly is not the father of her daughter, Savannah Rodin, born on Feb. 23. They plan to remain friends….

“I don’t Care Anymore” crooner Phil Collins, 43, announced plans on July 15 to divorce his second wife, Jill, 36, a former schoolteacher, after 10 years of marriage. Collins blamed the split on a brief affair two years ago with an old flame, which caused him to question his “emotional commitment” to Jill. His wife claims Collins is having a midlife crisis. His first marriage was to actress Andrea Bertorelli, 43.

Actor LeVar Burton, 37, and his wife, Stephanie, 40, a makeup artist, welcomed their first child, Michaela Jean (6 lbs. 1 oz.), on July 8 in Los Angeles….

Oh boy! Rosanna Delia Corte, 62, delivered a son, Riccardo (7 lbs. 4 ozs.), on July 18 at a Rome hospital. She is believed to be the world’s oldest woman ever to give birth. The baby, conceived when Delia Corte’s donor egg was artificially inseminated with the sperm of her husband, Mauro, 63, a farm supervisor, was named after their son who died in a motor scooter accident three years ago at the age of 17.

Actress Teresa Blake, 30, who plays Gloria Chandler on the ABC daytime soap All My Children, wed Mike McGuire, 35, drummer for the country band Shenandoah, on July 9 near Birmingham, Ala. It is the first marriage for both.

Leanza Cornett, 23, the 1993 Miss America who is now an Entertainment Tonight correspondent, plans to marry Mark Steines, 30, sports anchor for Los Angeles’ KCAL-TV….

Former Dallas co-star Charlene Tilton, 35, will exchange vows with interior designer Robert McGrane, 27, in November. It will be her third marriage and his second.

Kevin Elders, 28, son of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, 60, was convicted on July 18 of selling $275 worth of cocaine to a Little Rock undercover police officer and an acquaintance a year ago. Elders, who is a supervisor at a personal hygiene firm, claims the acquaintance set up the drug deal and threatened to expose Elders’ 10-year drug habit during his mother’s confirmation hearings last July, unless he came through with the deal. Freed without bond, Elders is scheduled for sentencing on Aug. 29.

Computer pioneer Gary Kildall, 52, who produced CP/M, the first widely used operating system for a personal computer, died of head injuries on July 11 at a Monterey, Calif., hospital. In the early ’80s, both Kildall and Bill Gates developed operating systems for IBM’s personal computers. Eventually, Gates’s MS-DOS system became the industry standard.

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