February 15, 1993 12:00 PM

Rap artist and costar of the House Party movies Chris Martin. 30-ish—Play of the duo Kid N’ Play—will wed actress Shari Headley in September.

The answer: child No. 2. The question: Whom do Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, 52, and wife Jean. 28, expect in August?

Andre Roussimoff, 46, who wrestled professionally as Andre the Giant, died of an apparent heart attack on Jan. 27 while in his native France to attend his father’s funeral. Born with acromegaly, a hormonal disorder that can result in gigantism. Roussimoff grew to 7’4″ and 520 lbs. In addition to his 20-plus years of ring work, he played Fezzik the Giant in the 1987 movie The Princess Bride….

World War II Dutch Resistance member Jan Gies, 87, died of kid ney failure in Amsterdam on Jan. 27. Gies and his wife, Miep, hid the Jewish family of Otto Frank from the Nazis for 25 months, an act memorialized in Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl….

Japanese real estate developer Taikiehiro Mori, 88, by some accounts the world’s richest person, died in Tokyo of heart failure on Jan. 30. Mori was an economics professor until age 55, when he started building skyscrapers in downtown Tokyo. He was worth an estimated $13 billion.

Andrew Martinez, 20, the U.C. Berkeley student known as the Naked Guy for his habit of roaming campus wearing just sandals and a knapsack, was expelled Jan. 21; the school said his refusal to don clothing “would continue to disrupt essential university functions.”…

The Supreme Court let stand a 1990 ruling that Frito-Lay, Inc. misappropriated singer-songwriter Tom Waits’s voice. In a 1988 Doritos radio ad, a sound-alike parodied Waits’s song, “Step Right Up.” Waits, who was awarded $2.5 million, finally) received the cheek—plus interest—Feb. 2….

If he stays out of trouble for six months, crooner Harry Connick jr., 25, will have no charges brought against him for a Dec. 27 incident in which he arrived at New York’s JFK airport packing an unlicensed 9-mm pistol. Connick also made a 25-second public service announcement about the “hard lesson” he has learned about New York State gun laws….

New York State’s former chief justice, Sol Wachtler, 62, was indicted Feb. 1 in Newark, N.J., on federal charges alleging that he systematically harassed his former lover, socialite Joy Silverman, 15, and her 14-year-old daughter [PEOPLE, Nov. 23. 1992]….

Willie Nelson, 59, and the IRS reached a compromise settlement—$9 million—on his outstanding $16.7 million tax bill on Feb. 2. the government will keep $3.6 million in assets already seized; part of the $5.4 million balance can be realized from sales of Nelson’s album The IBS Tapes—Who’ll Buy My Memories.

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