April 12, 1993 12:00 PM

British-born actress Kate Reid, 62, who played Aunt Lil on Dallas (1983-86), died of cancer March 27 in Stratford, Ont. A versatile performer, Reid portrayed an aging moll in the 1981 movie Atlantic City and starred opposite Dustin Hoffman in the 1984 Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman….

Innovative tenor saxophonist Clifford Jordan, 61, who played with such jazz greats as Max Roach and Charles Mingus during his 40-year career, died of cancer on March 27 in New York City….

Onetime University of California football star Roy Riegels, 84, who made his name when he mistakenly ran toward his own team’s goal line with a recovered fumble in the 1929 Rose Bowl, died March 26 in Woodland, Calif., of Parkinson’s disease. After his team lost the game to Georgia Tech, 7-8, he was permanently tagged Wrong-Way Riegels….

Modern dancer and choreographer Louis Falco, 50, who headed the Louis Falco Dance Company and created the dances in Fame (1980), died of AIDS on March 26 in New York City….

Rock drummer Jeff Ward, 30, who played with Nine Inch Nails and with Ministry, took his own life by carbon-monoxide poisoning on March 19 in Chicago. Ward had recently founded a band called Low Pop Suicide.

The Lake County medical examiner said March 30 that Cleveland Indians pitcher Tim Crews, 31, was legally drunk when the boat he was driving March 22 in Clermont, Fla., slammed into a pier, killing him and fellow pitcher Steve Olin, 27, and injuring pitcher Bob Ojeda, 35. Crews had a blood-alcohol level of .14 percent; anything over .10 percent is considered proof of intoxication in Florida. Olin and Ojeda had very small amounts of alcohol in their blood.

After four years of marriage, Batman director Tim Burton, 34, filed for divorce from photographer Lena Gieseke on March 26 in Los Angeles.

Comic performer Harry Shearer, 49, who played bassist Derek Smalls in This Is Spinal Tap (1984), married aspiring singer-songwriter Judith Owen, 28, on March 28 in Santa Monica. On Fox’s The Simpsons, Shearer provides the voices for 22 characters. It is his second marriage; Owen’s first….

Proudly loud talk show host Morton Downey Jr., 59, married Lori Krebs, 29, the producer of his current radio show in Dallas, in both a March 20 religious ceremony in Bellmore, N.Y., and a civil ceremony the next day at the Palms Springs TV studio where the two are working on a new show. The couple expect their first child in September. The marriage is Downey’s third, Krebs’s first….

AL Neuharth, 69, founder of USA Today and retired chairman of the Gannett newspaper chain, wed Rachel Fornes, 42, a chiropractor, on March 21 at his estate in Cocoa Beach. Fla. It is his third marriage, Fornes’s first.

Former talk show host and perennial wisenheimer Dennis Miller, 39, and his wife, model Ali Espley, are expecting their second child early this fall. Son Holden is 2.

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