By Toby Kahn
September 14, 1992 12:00 PM

Actress Kelly McGillis, 34, last seen in The Babe, and husband Fred Tillman, 42, a yacht broker, are expecting their second child (daughter Kelsey is 2 years old) in April.

Baywathch’s David Hasselfhoff, 40 and his actress wife, Pamela Bach, 29, got an unexpected surprise Aug. 26 when daughter Hayley arrived two months early in Los Angeles. The 5-lb. 4-oz. girl, the couple’s second daughter, is now home with her folks and doing fine….

Ex-General Hospital hunk Tristan Rogers, 42, and his significant other, Teresa Parkerson, 29, a secretary, had a baby girl, Sara Jane (9 lbs. 2 ozs.), on Aug. 11 in L.A. Rogers and Parkerson have been keeping company for four years.

Character actor Morris Carnovsky, 94, whose screen career (including 1937’s The Life of Emile Zola) was cut short in the ’50s by blacklisting, died Sept. 1 in Easton, Conn., of natural causes. Carnovsky, a founding member in 1931 of the influential Group Theatre, returned to the stage after being blacklisted, playing his first of many Shakespearean roles when he was nearly 60….

Frederick O’Neal, 86, a stage and screen actor who in 1964 became the first African-American to be elected president of Actors’ Equity (he served until ’73), died Aug. 25 in Manhattan after a long illness. O’Neal was also a founder, in 1940, of the American Negro Theatre, which show-cased such future stars as Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier.

Andrew Hoffman, 31, son of the late radical activist Abbie Hoffman, was arrested Aug. 21 in a Chicago park for handing out new hypodermic needles to addicts in order to help prevent AIDS. Hoffman was challenging an Illinois law that makes possession of a hypodermic needle without a prescription illegal.

For the second time in as many years, 2000 Malibu Road’s Drew Barrymore, 17, is making plans to walk down the aisle. Her new fiancé is actor James Walters, 23, who plays an aspiring rock star in Fox’s The Heights. Barrymore was engaged briefly a little more than a year ago to Leland Hayward, 25, the grandson of producer Leland Hayward. She and Walters expect to marry next spring. In the meantime, Barrymore is sporting a big diamond ring and a tattoo with Walters’s name.


In the latest legal wrangle between those feudin’ Trumps, Ivana filed a complaint last month saying she won’t move out of her Fifth Avenue triplex in Donald’s Trump Tower unless her ex coughs up her $4 million housing allowance. Donald—who earlier filed suit to invalidate their divorce settlement after Ivana published her roman à clef, For Love Alone—contends that he no longer owes her the $4 million because she violated their divorce agreement by cohabiting with her businessman beau, Riceardo Mazzuccholli. (She claims he’s just a sometime guest.) Ivana is also seeking $350,000 in back alimony.