February 24, 1992 12:00 PM

Oops, never mind: After nearly a year of marriage, Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Neil (Lost in Yonkers) Simon, 64, filed for divorce from wife No. 3 and 4, actress Diane Lander, 39, (The two were originally married from January 1987 to July 1988, and then remarried in February 1990.) But apparently Simon soon had second thoughts and, according to his spokesperson, “the piece of paper [the divorce petition] has been rescinded and torn up. He’s back home.” The couple met so cute in 1985—Lander was handing out perfume samples at the Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and Simon was an interested shopper—that Simon could have scripted it…And she is telling him, she is leaving: Jennifer (Dream-girls) Holliday, 31, and her husband of 10 months, songwriter Billy Meadows, 34, have split. Holiday’s most recent single is called “Love Stories.”

Happy days are here again: Barry Goldwater, 83, the former Arizona Senator who ran for President on the Republican ticket in 1964, married Susan Wechsler, 51, a home health-care administrator, on Feb. 9 at his ranch in Paradise Valley, Ariz. It is the second marriage for both. Goldwater, widowed since 1985, has four children; Wechsler, a divorcee, has four as well.

Actress Sela Ward, 35, the resident reprobate on NBC’s Sisters, has announced her engagement to Los Angeles real estate developer Howard Sherman, 36. The two met last year when, on a blind date, they went to an L.A. Raiders football game. A summer wedding is planned.

He rubbed people the wrong way as the White House chief of staff, and now he’s going to get his chance to do it every night on television, starting March 2. Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu is temporarily filling Patrick Buchanan’s slot as the resident curmudgeonly conservative on CNN’s nightly political chitchat show, Crossfire. (Buchanan is on leave of absence from the show to run against Sununu’s old boss, George Bush, for the Republican Presidential nomination. CNN says he can come back if he loses.)

Seeing double: Rocker Bruce (“The Way It Is”) Hornsby, 37, and wife Kathy became the parents of twin sons, Russell Ives and Keith Bandall, on Jan. 30 in Richmond. Va. The matched set are the Hornsbys’ introduction to parenthood.

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