By Lisa Russell
March 16, 1992 12:00 PM

TV pitchman Earl Scheib, 85, the star of his own auto paint-job commercials for nearly 40 years, died at his home in Beverly Hills on Feb. 29. The gravel-voiced Scheib began his late-night local ads in the 1950s, promising to paint “any car, any color” for $29.95. At the time of his death, Scheib’s paint-job price had risen to $119.95, and his empire had grown to more than 200 shops….

Former U.S. Sen. S.I. Hayakawa, 85, died of a stroke on Feb. 26 in Greenbrae, Calif. Hayakawa, born of Japanese immigrant parents, became a noted semanticist in the ’40s and was elected to the Senate in 1976. He was catapulted into politics after his controversial decision—as acting president of San Francisco State College in 1968—to ban campus political protests by students, making him a symbol of repression or courage, depending on which side of the generation gap was making the judgment….

Jean R. Yawkey, 83, the majority owner of the Boston Red Sox and the only woman ever elected lo the board of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, died on Feb. 26, following a stroke, in Boston.

A way, way different kind of rattle: Guitarist Dave Mustaine of the hardcore band Megadeth has become a father. He and wife Pam welcomed metal moppet Justis David on Feb. 11 in Burbank, Calif.

On March 4, a jury in Alexandria, Va., found Dr. Cecil Jacobson, the infertility specialist accused of artificially inseminating patients with his own sperm while claiming it was provided by other donors, guilty on 52 counts of perjury and fraud. Prosecutors say Jacobson, 55, may have fathered as many as 75 children. At his sentencing, scheduled for May 8, he faces up to 280 years in prison and $500,000 in fines….

On a sour note: The day before Michael Bolton picked up a Grammy for his rendition of Percy Sledge’s 1966 hit “When a Man Loves a Woman,” a company called Three Boys Music Corp. filed a copyright-infringement suit against Bolton and songwriter Andrew Goldmark. Three Boys, which owns part of the Isley Brothers catalog, charges that the pair’s 1991 song “Love Is a Wonderful Thing,” a No. 4 hit for Bolton, “copied substantial parts of” the Isleys’ own 1966 song of the same name. Bolton’s spokespeople say he and Goldmark “deny any infringement whatsoever.”

Actor and TV sports commentator O.J. Simpson, 44, and his second wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, 31, are divorcing. The couple, married seven years, have two young children. Simpson, who was put on two years’ probation in 1989 after pleading no contest to charges of beating Nicole, also has two children from a first marriage….

Hype-happy artist Jeff Koons, 36, who only last November unveiled an X-rated series of photo-based paintings and sculptures depicting his sex life with wife Ilona “Cicciolina” Staller, the Italian porn star turned politician, has announced plans to file for divorce after nine months of marriage. Cicciolina (Italian for “little fleshpot”), for her part, is busy running for re-election to the Italian Parliament on the Party of Love ticket. (She offered to bed Saddam Hussein last year, you may recall, in the hope that it would improve his mood and end the Gulf War.)