By Lisa Russell
December 02, 1991 12:00 PM

Acclaimed British movie and stage director Tony Richardson. 63. died in Los Angeles on Nov. 14 of a neurological infection brought on by AIDS. Best known for the rambunctious film epic Tom Jones (1963), which won four Academy Awards (Best Picture, Director, Screen Adaptation and Score), Richardson made 22 other films, including Look Back in Anger (1959), The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962) and The Hotel New Hampshire (1984). Richardson, who reportedly was bisexual, was married to actress Vanessa Redgrave from 1962 to 1967; their daughters, Joely, 26, and Natasha, 28, are actresses. Richardson’s last movie, Blue Sky, a drama starring Jessica Lange and Tommy Lee Jones, is due out next fall….

TV composer Morton Stevens, 62, who wrote the theme for Hawaii Five-O, died of pancreatic cancer in Encino, Calif….

Kelly Jean Van Dyke-Nance, 33, the daughter of Coach star Jerry Van Dyke, committed suicide, by hanging, in her L.A. apartment on Nov. 17. Van Dyke has said that his daughter, a secretary, had problems with prescription drugs and alcohol.

Hope Lange, 60, star of Peyton Place (1957) and TV’s The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1968-70), had surgery at a New York City hospital in October to remove a benign brain tumor and is doing well, according to her publicist. “She looks like Sinéad O’Connor,” he joked.

Teen idol Fabian, 48—who in 1959 had a hit with “Turn Me Loose”—and his wife, Katharine Netter Forte, are divorcing after nearly 11 years of marriage.

Cheyenne Brando, 21, the troubled daughter of actor Marlon, was deported to Tahiti from France on Nov. 18, after having been taken into custody three days earlier by French police. A warrant for her arrest had been issued in October by a Tahitian judge who wanted to question her about her role in the May 1990 slaying in L.A. of her boyfriend. Dag Drollet, by her half brother, Christian. Drollet’s relatives in Tahiti are having the case investigated there. Cheyenne, who reportedly has twice attempted suicide, was being treated for depression at a clinic near Paris before going into hiding….

Tom Arnold’s sister Lori Stockdall, 31, and her husband, Floyd, 47, were arrested and charged with dealing drugs on Nov. 7 at their ranch near Ottumwa, Iowa. The couple face 20 years to life in prison and fines of up to $4 million. Arnold and his wife, comedian Roseanne Arnold, have volunteered to pay the couple’s legal fees. “I love my sister very much, and I trust that our judicial system will treat her fairly under the law,” says Arnold.

Headline news: CNN Showbiz Today co-anchor Bella Shaw, 30ish, gave birth to her first child, a 7-lb. 13-oz. son named Maximillian, on Nov. 15 in L.A. Dad is banker Mark Soroko, 37, now on diaper patrol. “I’m seeing a whole different side to my husband,” says Shaw.