By People Staff
November 19, 1990 12:00 PM

Late Late Night wedding news: The world’s coolest band leader, David Letterman sidekick Paul Shaffer, 40, quietly wed TV talent coordinator Cathy Vasapoli in her Virginia hometown in late August and honeymooned in France. A party to belatedly celebrate the marriage was held at a Manhattan club last week.

Eliot Porter, 88 (above), the photographer whose crisp color landscapes graced coffee-table books and Sierra Club calendars, died of cardiac arrest Nov. 2 in Santa Fe, N. Mex. A dedicated conservationist, Porter began working in color in the 1940s, a time when other serious photographers were still wedded to black and white. “With his sensitive shadings and subtleties of coloration, Porter broke new ground,” says Michael McCloskey, chairman of the Sierra Club. “His lens spoke for the values of all the wild places that couldn’t speak for themselves.”

The Hunk passes! Legal eaglet John F. Kennedy Jr., 29 (at right), passed the New York State bar exam on his third try. Not only that, but JFK Jr. also passed the bar exam (considered to be less rigorous) in neighboring Connecticut. Had he failed the New York exam for a third time, Kennedy would have had to resign his $30,000-a-year post as a Manhattan assistant district attorney. Now he keeps his job, pockets a $4,000 raise and may soon see some courtroom action.

As husband Donald Trump’s fortune dwindles, his estranged wife, Ivana, 41, knows a sure $25 million when she sees it. The Czechoslovakian-born skier turned hotelier officially filed for divorce on Nov. 2 from her billionaire-downgraded-to-millionaire husband. The glossy couple (at right, in happier times) separated last February after 13 years of marriage amid reports that The Donald, 44, was seeing model Maria Maples, 27. At the time, Ivana’s pals intimated that she would challenge her $25 million prenuptial agreement and settle for no less than ownership of New York City’s Plaza Hotel and $150 million. “I do think she has given up on him now,” says gossip columnist Liz Smith. “I think she made a valiant wish that he would come back, but now she doesn’t want him back.”…

Soprano Sarah Brightman, 30, was granted a divorce from her hubby, musical theater composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, 42, in London on grounds that their marriage of six years had suffered an “irretrievable breakdown.” Lloyd Webber quickly announced plans for a February wedding—his third—to new sweetie Madeleine Gurdon, 27, the horsewoman and clothing designer with whom he has been keeping company since last summer. Brightman’s consolation prize was a reported settlement of nearly $12 million.

Denise Wells, 33, the Houston legal assistant whose bladder captured the nation’s attention last summer (PEOPLE, Aug. 6), was acquitted Nov. 2 in Houston of violating a city ordinance prohibiting members of the opposite sex from using public rest rooms designated for a particular gender, July, Wells had been charged and fined $200 when, after repeatedly facing long lines at the women’s room, she decided she could wait no more and marched into the men’s room during a George Strait concert at the Summit, a Houston sports arena. “I hope the cause of women’s rest-room equality continues on,” said Wells after her acquittal. Dubbed Pottygate by the local press, the two-day trial featured expert witnesses ranging from an architect to a urologist testifying on Wells’s behalf. One juror, Cindy Stephens, said afterward, “She just did what she had to do.” The trial is estimated to have cost Houston taxpayers $10,000.