By People Staff
March 05, 1990 12:00 PM

Author and professional misanthrope P.J. O’Rourke, 42, and actress Amy Lumet, 25, his companion for the past two years, have announced their engagement but, as yet, have no wedding date. Lumet is the daughter of movie director Sidney Lumet and writer Gail Lumet Buckley and the granddaughter of singer Lena Horne. What might Lumet look forward to with the highly opinionated O’Rourke? “Wives can rarely, if ever, be traded for anything useful like a set of golf clubs,” writes O’Rourke in his latest book, Modern Manners: An Etiquette Book for Rude People. Grandma Home, obviously hoping for the best, says, “I wish them great happiness.”

Alice doesn’t live here anymore is the message Linda Lavin, 52, the star of CBS’s long-running Alice series, is sending second husband Kip Niven, 44, from whom she has filed for divorce. “I’m reclaiming my life,” says Lavin, who married Niven, an actor-director, in 1982. They had no children together.

Norman Parkinson, 76, the celebrated photographer whose luxe shots appeared for 50 years in top fashion magazines, died on Feb. 15 in Singapore. He had suffered a brain hemorrhage three weeks earlier while on a fashion shoot for Town & Country in Malaysia. Of his craft, Parkinson once said, “A photographer has a more dangerous weapon than a gun. It doesn’t kill—it wounds for life.” Parkinson, who was British, regularly shot the British royal family, beginning in 1931, when he assisted a photographer snapping an infant Princess Margaret. “Parkinson will always stand as a wonderful, remarkable, strange bird whose genius belies his eccentricity,” says Mirabella editor Grace Mirabella.

Vladimir Popov (below, left), a world-class tenor who defected from the Soviet Union almost nine years ago, is now a U.S. citizen. After performing in Aïda at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., last week, Popov, 42, received his citizenship documents from Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, an opera fan. “Vladimir now has another voice, as a citizen of this country and, soon, a registered voter,” said Scalia. Popov was sworn in near Plymouth, N.H., where he lives with his wife, Ludmilda, 38.