February 05, 1990 12:00 PM

After 12 years of unwedded bliss, Jerry Hall, 33, says she and Mick Jagger, 46, are finally headed for the altar. “For the first time, we both think marriage is a good thing,” Hall told reporters in London, where she will be appearing in the play Bus Stop with ex-teen idol Shaun Cassidy. But don’t buy the happy pair a toaster yet. A Rolling Stones rep says, “There are no marriage plans at this time.” In 1983 Jagger promised that he and his lanky model-lover would be married “any day now.” The couple have two children, Elizabeth, 5, and James, 4.

Admitted steroid user Ben Johnson, 28 (above), has finally been stripped of three of his track records, including the 100-meter dash, by the International Amateur Athletic Federation. After he won the event in the 1988 Olympics with a 9.79-seconds time, the Canadian tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug, and archrival Carl Lewis was given the gold medal. But Johnson’s 1987 record of 9.83 at the World Championships in Rome still stood as the world mark. Now that the IAAF, track and field’s governing body, has decided not to recognize Johnson’s Rome record, Lewis’s 9.92 time in the ’88 Olympics becomes the new record in the 100-meter.

Judy Jacklin Belushi, 39, the widow of Saturday Night Live’s John Belushi, plans to marry Victor Pisano, 43, a TV writer-producer, on Oct. 7. They met three years ago at a dinner party on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., where she lives. “There was a time when it didn’t seem like it would happen again,” she says of marriage. “But there is a recovery, and you can heal. I feel I can look back on John’s life and know it was sweet, and so is this.” Belushi’s book about her years with John, and those following his death in 1982, will be published in June. The title? Samurai Widow. No kidding.

Domestic goddess Roseanne Barr, 37, is giving marriage another shot. She wed boyfriend Tom Arnold, 30 (below), a writer for her hit show, Roseanne, on Jan. 20 at her L.A. home. Two weeks earlier Arnold completed a stint at an L.A.-area drug-and-alcohol rehab center. The couple married four days after Barr’s divorce from Bill Pentland, her hubby of 16 years, became final. Barr and Pentland share custody of their three kids.

Michael (Batman) Keaton, 38, and his actress wife, Caroline (Nearly Departed) McWilliams, 44 (above), have filed for a divorce after seven years of marriage. McWilliams is asking for custody of the couple’s son, Sean, 6.

Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca, 65, plans to marry Darrien Earle, 42, a former Los Angeles restaurateur. No word yet on a date. Iacocca’s daughter Lia Nagy, 25, says she and a friend showed Iacocca a snapshot of Darrien (the mother of an old boarding school classmate of Lia’s friend). “We were egging Dad on,” says Lia. “I said, ‘Call her, call her. What do you have to lose?’ I’m real happy about this. He doesn’t like to be alone.” Iacocca called it quits on his last marriage, to former stewardess Peggy Johnson, 39, after eight months in 1986.

It’s the end of the track for jockey Bill Shoemaker, 58 (above). After racing for 41 years, the winningest jockey in history (8,833 victories and $123 million in purses) will run his final race this Saturday (Feb. 3) at Santa Anita Park near Los Angeles. “When you do something good all your life, and then you find out that you can’t do it as well anymore, you’re not that interested in doing it. It’s as simple as that,” says Shoe. He won’t be leaving the horses behind, however, since he plans to train them for their owners.

Annie (Designing Women) Potts, 37, and her husband of nine years, director Brian Scott Senechal, 41, have filed for divorce. The couple separated in 1987. They will share custody of their son, Clay, 8.

The Soviet Union has restored the citizenship of famed cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, 62, and his wife, singer Galina Vishnevskaya, 63, after revoking it 12 years ago because of their support for exiled Soviet writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The couple return to their homeland next month for the first time in 16 years when Rostropovich conducts a tour by Washington, D.C.,’s National Symphony Orchestra. Their loyalty to Solzhenitsyn has not wavered: “Our position served as the reason for our exile, and we will be totally content only after this genius is returned to his people,” they said.

Mel (thirtysomething) Harris is having two babies this year. Hope Steadman, her character on the ABC yuppie drama, is expecting her second baby on the show, and in real life Harris, 33, and her husband, actor Cotter Smith, 40 (left), expect their first baby in May. Harris has a son, Byron, 5, from an earlier marriage to photographer David Hume Kennerly. Harris’s manager says she “can’t say which came first, the pregnancy or the script, but it is perfect timing.”

When guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, 58, died of heart failure at his commune in Poona, India, 10,000 of his followers burst into songs and began chanting to celebrate Rajneesh’s spiritual release from his body. The Bhagwan (the Hindi title for a deity) was deported from the United States in 1985 after pleading guilty to violating immigration laws. He left behind some 4,000 devotees on a 64,000-acre ranch in Antelope, Ore. “He was never the sex guru he was portrayed to be,” says Ray Willbanks, 49, a professor at Memphis State University and a Rajneesh follower since 1979. “He said sex was foolish.”

Rusty Hamer, 42 (below), who as a !LU child actor played Danny Thomas’s son on the TV comedy Make Room for Daddy (1953-64), fatally shot himself in the head with a .357 Magnum on Jan. 18 in De Ridder, La. Older brother John Hamer says, “Some people know how to be happy and some don’t, like my brother.” After leaving Hollywood in 1968, Hamer held a number of nonacting jobs, most recently as a steak cook at his brother’s restaurant. Thomas says, “He was the most brilliant young comedy actor I ever met in my life. Great memory, marvelous timing. He had it all.”

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