April 30, 1990 12:00 PM

Sigourney Weaver, 40, played mom to an orphaned girl in Aliens and to a baby gorilla in Gorillas in the Mist, but now she can be a mother for real. Weaver and her husband, director Jim Simpson, 34 (above), had their first baby, a girl, named Charlotte Simpson, two weeks ago.

…And actress Kim Delaney, 27, and husband Joe Cortese, 39, just announced they had their first baby, a boy, named Jack Philip, on March 21 in Los Angeles. Delaney is best known for playing innocent Jenny Gardner on All My Children and a combat photographer on CBS’s Tour of Duty, while Cortese, also an actor, plays opposite Victoria Principal in her new ABC pilot, Chicago. The proud father said of his first child, “He was born 3/21 at 7:33 A.M., weighing 8 lbs. 3 oz., and was 20 inches tall. I know all the numbers now because I play them in the Lotto.”

Bad health forced a frail Mother Teresa, 79, the 1979 Nobel prizewinning Roman Catholic nun, to retire from her post as head of the Missionaries of Charity, the religious order she founded in Calcutta in 1950. She had a pacemaker installed in September. The daughter of an Albanian businessman (her original name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu), she went to India is a missionary at age 18 and, after 20 years of teaching at a girls’ school, set up her first mission to tend to the poor in 1948 with 12 nuns and 40 cents. The Missionaries of Charity has since grown to include 3,000 nuns in 87 countries. Though her order was often in financial difficulty, Mother Teresa never seemed to worry, saying, “I don’t care about money. God is my banker.”

Kara Kennedy, 30, the only daughter of Sen. Edward Kennedy and his former wife, Joan, plans to marry Washington architect Michael Allen, 31, in the fall. She is a graduate of Tufts University and a producer of the Evening Magazine program on Boston’s WBZ-TV. In announcing that the first of his and Joan’s three children would marry, Ted said, “We look forward to their wedding and wish them every happiness.”

The Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, 64, who was Dr. Martin Luther King’s right-hand man from 1955 through the great battles of the civil rights movement, died after a heart attack on April 17 in Atlanta. Last year he angered some black leaders with his book, And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, which discussed King’s extramarital affairs. After Abernathy’s death, however, Andrew Young, a former Atlanta Mayor and King aide himself, said, “There probably could not have been a civil rights movement without the contributions he made.”

Flamboyant 1988 Olympic 100-meter champion Florence Griffith-Joyner, 30, has the stopwatch ticking on a new challenge—motherhood. She and her trainer husband, AI Joyner, 30 (below), who won an Olympic gold medal on his own in 1984 for the triple jump, expect their first child in November. Clearly, Flo-Jo doesn’t see a baby hampering her running career, since she’s already planning her return to the Olympics in 1992, this time in the marathon.

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