OutKast's Big Boi & André 3000

You’re both known for your sense of style. Did you guys keep any of the costumes from the movie?

DRE: Some of the stuff that I didn’t wear in the movie I did keep, but it would be somewhat clownish to wear the same [stuff] I wore in the movie on the street! We have always been into flyness. Even in high school, we were doing fly stuff like taking our jeans and dying them different colors and sewing stuff on your clothes.

BIG BOI: It’s constant elevation. The whole thing is about how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

In the 16 years since you met in 10th grade, how has your relationship changed?

DRE: We have gotten closer. But we have gotten older, and we have our own families [Big Boi has three kids; André has a son who lives in Dallas with his mother, Erykah Badu], so we can’t be in the same place all the time. Big Boi used to live with me. We all used to live under the same roof.

BIG BOI: We were day in and day out.

DRE: But we still like to hang out.

BIG BOI: Yes. Go hard in the paint! Like last night!

So people shouldn’t believe the rumors about OutKast’s imminent demise?

BIG BOI: Haters! Hatracide. Hatrocity! Hatemongers. The top hate at hate! Ever since we [started, fending off rumors] has been a part of what we do.

DRE: I love it, though. First you get mad, but it’s always worked in our favor. It’s the fuel and our purpose.

BIG BOI: That’s right. Haters, stay on your job.

DRE: Right now, that hater energy is good. You can chew it up and spit it back out.

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