July 26, 1993 12:00 PM

Magic & Cookie Johnsons

In his toast, Earvin said if we’d married earlier, it probably wouldn’t have tasted, but the time was right, and it will last forever. Then he joked, “Now she’ll be able to spend all my money.”

The little girl in the middle caught my bouguet, and the big girl with the glasses snatched it out of her hands!

This is the entire wedding party, on Sept. 15, 1991, at the union Missionary Baptist church in Lansing, Mich.—the church that Earvin grew up in Best Man was friend Dale Beard and maid of honor was my sister, Patricia. (Detroit pistons Isiah thomas and Mark aquirre, the only celebrities, are at the far right.) the flower girls were is tired that as soon as this picture was taken, they broke down and cried.

Earvin’s sisters (above, left to right), evelyn, Kim, Pearl, Lois and yuonne, were all joking, “It’s about time, “At right, Earvin is with his father, Earvin Sr. and his son Andre These three guys all have the same exact personalities and mannerisms!

Kathie Lee & Frank Gifford

I couldn’t believe I actually married my best friend—in Bridgehampton, N.Y., on Oct. 18, 1986. Today I can’t believe I’m even happier with him than I was then.

My brother David (left), a Christtan Iundamentalist minister, officiated at the ceremony. Our close friend, former Nabisco CEO Ross Johnson, was best Man.

The party the night before we got married was held at a funky Saq harbor, N.Y. restaurant called the Satty Dog. It’s no longer the Salty Dog, But we’re still dancing.

Hugh & Kimberley Hefner

Kimberley and I remain good friends with these former girlfriends—(from left) Shannon Tweed, Barbi Benton and Sandra Theodore.

Florence Griffith-Joyner & Al Foyner

These pictures were taken at the Las Vegas Wedding Gardens on Oct. 10. 1987. My wedding dress had been my Halloween costume the year before, when I went as a bride. I got the veil at goodwill; the dress was reduced to $29 at the Agusa (Calif) mall. Al owned a cheao tuaedo, and we dug out a red cummerbund and bow tie from his closet

My brother Lemuel had no time to change before the wedding because his ride was late.

The formal photos were taken outside the game house. Then we joined our friends for the reception on the lawn. We spent our honeymoon right here at Playboy Mansion West.

It was at this wishing well at the Mansion that I proposed to Kimberley. We thought it would make the perfect site for our July 1, 1989, wedding.

Casey & Jean Kasem

Casey had been a friend of Jesse Jackson’s for years, and we were looking for someone she could deliver a clear message about commitment. I love this picture because it shows that I am not a real blonde, and Jesse had big hair! We wanted our invitation (inset) to stand out because in this town everybody receives so much mail, We did a 3-D valentine. The Wedding was at the Hotel Bel-Air on Dec. 21, 1980.

Angela Lansbury & Lansbury & Peter Shaw

We Were married on Aug. 12, 1949, in a small ceremony in St. Columbia’s Church in London My mother, Moyna Macgill, is standing next to Peter, and his father, Walter Pullen, is next to me. Because my father had died in 1934 when I Was 9, my brother Edgar (right) gave me away.

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