By People Staff
May 12, 1997 12:00 PM

HIS FAVORITE BEAUTY RECIPE IS BEST SERVED WITH FRENCH fries. If he gets bruised, says Oscar De La Hoya, 24, he puts “a big New York steak on it. It works.” Last month, De La Hoya won the World Boxing Council welterweight crown, his fourth ring title. His mild manners and clean-cut style are giving boxing a much-needed image lift, and in a world of bent noses and butterfly bandages, his unmarred features make him a TKO. “Oscar has an unbelievable appeal for women,” says promoter Bob Arum of the East L.A. prodigy. “Around 30 percent of people ordering his pay-per-view fights are female.” When training for a fight, the 5’10” De La Hoya, a bachelor known as the Golden Boy for his 1992 Olympic medal, runs six miles a day, spars for more than an hour and huffs through 140 push-ups. His best technique for avoiding those complexion-ruining jabs is fast footwork. “Getting hit once,” he says. “That’s all it takes.”