February 12, 2001 12:00 PM

Pow! Right in the Kisser

Celebs mouth off for a cause, giving lip service to charities through the Web

Ordinarily trying too hard to get a kiss from a celebrity will earn you a restraining order. But this Valentine’s Day many of Hollywood’s most luscious lips are working overtime for fans and charity. Among the celebs who put their lip prints up for auction through Sephora.com are Jennifer Aniston, Calista Flockhart, Courteney Cox Arquette Arquette, Gwyneth Paltrow and Debra Messing. What, no guys? Yahoo! (auctions.yahoo.com) is taking care of that with lip prints from the likes of Brendan Fraser, Jon Bon Jovi and Elton John, plus Courtney Love and Janet Jack-son, in a similar auction to benefit John’s AIDS Foundation. American Pie’s Tara Reid, 25, puckered in pink (“It was like a raspberry-really pretty,” she says) for Sephora. That auction benefits, appropriately enough, Operation Smile, which provides reconstructive facial surgery to underprivileged kids. Says Reid, who stars in the upcoming flick Josie and the Pussycats: “It’s so touching. It caught a piece of my heart.” And as charity work goes, lip printing does not exactly constitute hazardous duty. “It doesn’t,” Reid, admits, “take a whole lot on my side.”

My Favorite Sites

Camryn Manheim

How did this Jersey girl find her way to Hollywood? “I’m always lost,” confesses the Practice star, who relies on Yahoo! Maps (maps.yahoo.com). “It gets me everywhere,” says the single mom-to-be (the baby’s due in April). Manheim likes YahooS’s eye for detail: “I read the 400 directions Yahoo! gives to get me to where I need to go.”

Internet Manners

My boyfriend and I met through a Web personals site, and we’re kind of embarrassed about it. What should we do when people ask how we got together?

You’re under no obligation to tell the whole truth. (Otherwise lots of Valentines would be in trouble: Is “We ogled each other at a bar” or “We made out at a frat party” any less embarrassing?) While you needn’t be so bashful—hip pals are more likely to respond, “Cool! What site?” than “Ew, creepy”—you have the right to discourage prying. Try replying, “Oh, through friends,” in a tone that implies details are not forthcoming. Then let some insufferable couple who met in the cutest way possible commandeer the conversation.

Here’s Clicking at You

Why send cardboard when you can e-mail your Valentine a minimovie or a clip of Frank Sinatra singing “Night and Day”? At eCrush.com, Valentine e-cards range from cute (a tender moment from Planet of the Apes) to risqué (a “Wanna shag?” subsection features awful puns). Shockwave.com offers animated cards and Sinatra tunes, and for the lazy lover Sparks.com will handwrite a card and send it out via real mail.

Some other V-Day tidbits we gleaned from the Web:

•Red roses you can figure out, but what do other flowers mean? Home Arts.com says lilacs mean first love, and gardenias indicate a secret crush. For those in nasty-breakup mode: Petunias mean resentment; large-flowered marigolds, jealousy.

•In Farsi, “I love you” is To-ra dust midaram. At members.tripod.lycos.nl/ GP_Brana/alltranslations.asp.htm, the three little words are translated into scores of languages. Alas, “How dare you dump me?” is not available.

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