November 20, 2000 12:00 PM

Clothes to You

Laura Eisman and Todd Richter bring funkytown fashions to the far-flung

Your fashion sense is Sex and the City—but the local shopping scene is more Boredom and the Burbs. Laura Eisman can help: Her which peddles funky finds from mostly New York City-based designers, has won a following among frustrated trendsters. “I wanted to serve all these very fashionable girls who didn’t necessarily live in a fashionable city,” says Eisman, 34. The former magazine art director and her programmer boyfriend, Todd Richter, 37, started the site out of their Manhattan apartment in 1998. Its hip togs—from crystal-studded Joomi Joolz tanks ($88) to a Trufaux fake-leather dress ($300)—turned a profit on nearly $1 million in sales last year, sewing up buzz as splashier Web boutiques hit the rag heap. The couple added men’s division last year; launched this month. The secret to mixing finance and romance? Eisman sticks to the creative side, her beau to tech. “Ideally,” says Eisman, “we’re not working with each other.”

My Favorite Sites

Lynnette Cole

“For current events I like,” says the reigning Miss USA, 22. “And for fun I like to go on and see what’s going on. I haven’t bought anything yet. You see the prices go up and up, and I’m like, ‘I’ll never get it’ ” The Columbia, Tenn.-reared Cole was recently tempted to buy a set of vintage kids’ books for father Larry, 60, a psychotherapist who adopted her and her brother and took in more than 130 foster children with wife Gail. “My dad collects books,” says the pre-law student, “and I thought that would be really cool.”

Internet Manners

Sometimes my friends forward me several jokes or stories per day. Do I need to respond to each one?

No—all those “gee, thanks” replies would quickly get tiresome for you and your pals both. If a gag really tickles your funny bone, though, you might zap a thank-you. (Say you were ROTFL: rolling on the floor laughing.) Another reason to reply: If you get sick of Forwarded stuff, speak up and ask the sender for a cease-fire.

I like talking to guys on the Net, but some ask for my phone number after only one conversation. How can I tell them to back off?

Just be direct. “I’d rather not give out my number, but let’s chat again” is one polite way to say “whoa.” You’re right to be wary of revealing your digits—get to know someone way better before even considering it. (One safety-minded Net tradition: Women, get the guy’s number first.) Under 18? Stick to cyber-flirting.

Quick on the Draw

Drawing cartoons is a tough habit to break. Just ask the guy who created Wile E. Coyote, Marvin the Martian and Pepe Le Pew. It’s like poison oak,” says Warner Bros, toonsmith Chuck Jones. “Start scratching and you’ll never stop.”

That’s why, at 88, Jones is taking a new creation—Thomas T. Wolf, who gets clobbered by a falling tree whenever he says “Timber,” his middle name—to the Web. The first 12 four-minute episodes are slated to begin airing in January on and http://www.warnerbros .com. “Animated humans are never as believable,” says Jones. At his Laguna Niguel, Calif., studio, Jones “helps all of the young folks,” says executive producer Steve Fossati, 33. “Which is a relative term.”

Click and Get it

On Wheels of Angels

Up for bidding through Nov. 15 at props from the new Charlie’s Angels flick, including Drew Barrymore‘s ’69 Camaro, a worn by Cameron Diaz and the speaker-phone that transmits Charlie’s voice.

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