October 02, 2000 12:00 PM

Strap Happy

Lauren Wedekind’s bra accessory line gets and gives support

You don’t need to be Erin Brockovich to know that strapless bras heed the laws of gravity. At her Ellicott City, Md., high school prom 17 years ago, Lauren Wedekind found that hers had fallen to her waist. Then in 1996 Wedekind, a homemaker at the time, was bedeviled by straps peeking out from under a slinky top. “They drove me nuts,” she says.

Of such moments are businesses made. Designing her own assortment of fab straps (sparkling satin, flirty fringe) that can be attached to many strapless bras, Wedekind, 34, who had never sewn or run a company before, launched BraGems.com. “I thought if bra straps were going to hang out, they might as well be pretty,” says Wedekind, who models her creations on the site. With prices starting at $5 a pair, her cups runneth over with sales—nearly 2,000 so far. “I had a feeling that if girls could be persuaded to put holes in their ears, they would be open to accessorizing bra straps,” she says.

My Favorite Sites

Bruce Jenner

What was the beefy decathlete’s last purchase on the Net? “The Barbie Dream House,” says 1976 gold medalist Bruce Jenner. “That was a hot ticket. My daughters Kylie [3] and Kendall [4] are constantly searching for the hot Barbie setup, so I go to eToys.com a lot for them.” Jenner, 50, husband to Kris, 42, and partner in the San Rafael, Calif.-based JennerNet Software, which helps businesses track personnel, has traded shot-putting for putting, keeping up with golf on PGA.com. “For real-time golf scoring,” he says, “it doesn’t get any better.”

Internet Manners

I’m disgusted every time I open my e-mail and find unwanted advertisements. Is there any way to get rid of these? I only want e-mail from my family.

Hey, advertisers, knock it off! Spam is rude!

Telling spammers off might feel good, but it probably won’t help, so let’s consider some other tactics. The most drastic is to set up your e-mail program to block all messages from senders other than those you designate. Some programs will automatically filter bulk mail into a separate in-box. An alternative: Get a second e-mail address. Give the main one only to family and friends, and use the other (hot mail.com and yahoo.com offer free accounts) for shopping or registering at Web sites. Then check the junk-magnet address once in a while to pluck out any-thing important.

Weather advisory

You may not be able to call up Al Roker at home to ask him if it’s sweater weather, but he can point you to some forecasting sites that are a breeze to use. “Weather and the Web were made for each other,” says Today’s meteorology maven, who often uses his own company’s MSNBC.com because of its news content (and “you can customize it to get what you want,” he says). But, Roker adds, “if I’m looking strictly for weather, I go to lntelllcast.com.” The site’s city-specific four-day forecasts and UV index (which identifies areas with high UV levels on a given day) impress Roker, as does weather.com, the Weather Channel’s site, which offers e-mail updates and downloadable broadcasts. “That site has a bit of an edge, because people can see the faces they recognize there. People say, ‘I know that person because I’ve seen them on the Weather Channel.’ ” In a hurry? Then Roker recommends eatherunderground.com: “Speed is a very important factor, and this one is very fast. It loads very quickly.” Back to you, Katie.

Click and Get It

For sale: Cate “Memory”-bilia

Cats has been scratched, but you can now own a piece: Amazon.com/auctions is offering props and costumes (belonging to Griddlebone, right, and others) through Sept. 29

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