February 07, 2000 12:00 PM

Cap Crusader

Christopher Reeve’s dot-com gig helps leap insurance limits in a single bound

Christopher Reeve may not be wearing the blue tights anymore, but he is still doing good deeds. To land Reeve as its pitchman, HealthExtras Inc., a Rockville, Md., company that sells disability insurance online at healthextras.com, has forked over more than $3 million to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, which supports research into spinal-cord injuries. “It’s not like I’m hawking some product that means nothing to me,” says Reeve, 47, who also gets stock in the company. “I really believe in what they’re doing.” Indeed, having lobbied against caps on health insurance benefits, Reeve—who hit his own $1 million limit three years after the 1995 riding accident that left him paralyzed—calls disability insurance “something that people need.” Says HealthExtras CEO David Blair, 30: “This isn’t John Madden trying to get you to Ace Hardware. We had a common goal.”

My Favorite Site

Emeril Lagasse

When the cayenne-crazy “Bam!” Man can’t stand the heat in his Food Network kitchen, he checks up on the Piano Man at http://www.billyjoel.com. “I am a huge music fan and Billy is a great friend of mine,” says Chef Lagasse, who also savors shopping for books on the Web. “So I like to check out his site every now and then to see what he is doing musically and where I can catch up with him on the road when he is touring.

Modem Manners

How should I sign e-mail?

Like TV news anchors, Netizens love signature sign-offs. Hippies use “Peace”; gen Y, “C-ya L8R”; acronym addicts, “TTFN.” (“Ta-ta for now.”) Some savvy users scorn cutesiness and simply sign their names or initials. We say creativity is no crime, but be I original—or you’ll look as pretentious as non-Italians who double-cheek kiss a ciao.

Click and Get It

Supersize buys

•A 36-ft., 25-ton replica of an Egyptian obelisk: up for bidding on eBay.com until Feb. 4

•AT. rex skeleton: on auctions.lycos.com until Feb. 10

•A 15 ft.-by-20-ft. painted-glass window from Tara in Gone with the Wind: bidding starts Feb. 14 on LA411auctions.com

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