June 05, 2000 12:00 PM

Doggies in Your Windows

The Hollywood pet set’s latest passion: watching Fido via Web video

To most folks, daycare for dogs is still a novel concept. In California, not surprisingly, the business has already gone beyond food, companionship and a walk in the park. At L.A.’s posh Central Bark, pet lovers who park their pups for the day or overnight can keep an eye on them via video cameras wired to a private Web site. “People log on to see how their babies are,” says owner Kyra Endsley, 25, who borrowed the idea from child-care centers. “Some people would say this is silly, but people get really attached to their pets”—people such as Nastassja Kinski, Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong, American Pie’s Natasha Lyonne (mastiff Smokey “loves it there,” she says) and a litter of Disney execs. “One client used to log on at the same time every day,” Endsley says, “and we’d be there with his dog, waving its paw, like, ‘Hi, Dad!’ ”

Internet Manners

Is it tacky to pull out my palmtop computer when I’m at a restaurant?

No problem—just align it with your beeper and cell phone next to the salad fork. Not! E-interruptions insult your companions. If you must commune with your gadgets, excuse yourself from the table.

When I forward e-mail, should I delete the addresses of those who passed it along before me?

Sure, it’s fun to see where a joke has been—but judging by the Manners mailbag, most people hate paging through all that gobbledy-gook—and fear (justifiably) that forwarding could land their own address in the wrong hands. So pare before you share.

Encore from the Comic in Chief

It may be the best press that he has gotten in months. Now you can catch President Clinton’s one-night-only act—that gag video, aired at a recent dinner for the press, that shows the Commander in Chief hosing down the presidential limo and vamping with Kevin Spacey’s Oscar—on adcritic.com, where the six-minute clip has become one of the most in-demand downloads. Don’t miss Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Henry Shelton, hunkered over a board game with the Prez, whining, “You sunk my battleship!”

Great Expectations

Lately, Hollywood is seeing as many belly bulges as Fendi bags—no wonder the Web gave birth to thatglow.com. The new site for moms-to-be delivers pointers from celebs who have been there, thrown up that (Jane Seymour gobbled matzo-ball soup to battle queasiness). There’s also a boutique selling stylish maternity wear—giving anyone at least a hope of looking Catherine Zeta-rrific.

Sick of Tasteful Gifts? Try This Site, Stupid

Talking spatulas, Mr. Potato Head body massagers, black gummy candies shaped like rats—you won’t find those on Martha Stewart’s Web site. You will find them at Stupid.com (motto: “A complete waste of perfectly good technology”). The site’s honcho, Gary Apple, is justly proud of his stupid idea, his stupid goals and his stupid success. “Anybody could set up a store selling useful things,” says the Big Apple-based Apple, 44, a TV writer whose credits include The Simpsons and The Sinbad Show. “To specialize in poorly conceived or just weird products seemed to suit me much more.” Stupid.com’s bizarre bazaar raked in nearly $30,000 last Christmas, but for Apple—who says he recently turned down a $1 million buyout offer—it’s not just about the money; it’s about the lunch-meat bubble-gum, the boxing-nun puppets and the “cooties” key chains he sold to a head-lice-prevention medical organization. Apple’s stupid dream? Says the entrepreneur, who is currently writing a TV film for Nickelodeon: “I may become the source for ridiculous properties.

Click and Get It

Bidding to the Max(imus)

•Winning bids for Gladiator gear auctioned at Amazon.com: $5,700 for a shield used by Maximus (star Russell Crowe), $3,050 for Crowe’s tunic, $4,125.98 for evil emperor Commodus’s Colosseum throne.

•A chance to meet Larry King on the set of his TV show and do a mock interview with the talkmeister: sold for $4,150 on eBay.com to benefit King’s heart disease foundation.

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