April 02, 2001 12:00 PM


Online trailers for Harry Potter and The Fellowship of the Ring enchant fans

Magical little people will be all over the multiplex in the holiday season when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the first movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, conjure up box office hysteria. But they’re already on the Web, where iordoftherings.net and harrypotter.com give glimpses of the special-effects-laden films via impressive trailers. The Ring teaser offers tantalizing shots of warriors massing on snowswept mountain vistas (and windswept desert vistas) and more rings than the Olympics—but no plot. Potter’s spot, on the other hand, gives the bask storyline a school-bound kid is off to be the wizard) and hints at the soccer-on-broomsticks game of Quidditch. Fans are bewitched: Each trailer notched over 1 million hits on its first day.

My Favorite Sites

Kristi Yamaguchi

Just as she’s getting off the ice, Yamaguchi’s husband, Bret Hedican, is sometimes lacing up his skates: He’s on the Florida Panthers hockey team. So Yamaguchi, who is featured on starsonice.com, logs on to flpanthers.com “to check the score,” or, says the gold-medalist figure skater with a laugh, “to see if Bret might get traded.” She also listens to games on NHL.com and scans recipes at marthastewart.com. “I downloaded one recipe, curry shrimp with basmati rice, I’m going to cook as soon as I get off the road.”

Internet Manners

My best friend reads my e-mail all the time. It bothers him if he is not allowed to read it. Wouldn’t you classify it as a diary? How can I ask him to stop without hurting his feelings?

Some unkind phrases come to mind—like “Butt out!” You should use more polite language, but be firm. His nosiness is an unacceptable intrusion on your privacy and on the privacy of the people who e-mail you. (Which makes it, in a way, even worse than diary-snooping.) And never share your password—if you already did, change it.

If I let my free e-mail account go dormant, what happens to the mail people are sending me?

On MSN Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail (two of the most popular Web-based e-mail services), the messages will pile up unread until the service inactivates your account—which Hotmail does if you don’t sign on for 60 days; Yahoo!, four months. After that your mail will be deleted and inbound notes will bounce back to senders. Notify friends of any address changes—unless you’re trying to duck them.

Click and Get It

Masters of Their Domains

Through mid-April, Amazon.com is host of an auction of celebrity photos taken at magazine shoots. The proceeds will benefit the Red Hot Organization, a group marking its 10th year in the fight against AIDS. Among the shots, which are signed on the front by the stars and by photographer Mark Seliger: Jerry Seinfeld as the Tin Man (right), Rob Zombie, Me’Shell Ndegéocello, The X-Files stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, Drew Barry-more and…yada yada yada.

Too Many Cooks?

Could anything be more irritating than another “Bam!” from celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse of the Food Network? Apparently so. His cocky counterpart on the cable channel, chef Bobby Flay, is fit to be flambéed by hundreds of detractors whose messages are being aired on the network’s own bulletin board at FoodTv.com. Among them:

•”If he continues to be nasty and rude, I’ll stop watching him.”

•”The man lacks personality and has no class…[Lagasse has] more talent in his left elbow then Bobby Flay ever will. Once Flay gets over himself *maybe* he will see that he needs to work on his personality.”

•”Flay’s a tongs-wielding bum.”

But one online apologist reasons, “The guy is from New York City, not Savannah or someplace where people are nice.”

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