By People Staff
May 05, 2014 12:00 PM



Mac Montgomery, 33

Beverly Hills, Calif.

Account Executive

Looking for: women

“Women like that I’m candid on my profile and that I have a picture with my grandmother as well.” His type: “Fitness is a priority of mine, so I like that in a woman, and I like brunettes.”

Gets up to 700 responses a week!


Cristin Michele Beavers, 34

Beverly Hills, Calif.


Looking for: men

“My smile is definitely the first thing men notice – people want to hang out with happy people.” When she’s interested, “I respond quickly to keep the momentum going.”


Tarek Cotran, 35

New York, N.Y.

Marketing; Part-time Cycling Instructor

Looking for: men

“I’m not one of those online daters who exaggerates or leaves out important details.” Desired qualities: “Active lifestyle, love of culture and travel, self-confidence.”


Nicole Pearson, 37

New York, N.Y.


Looking for: women

Although she rarely reaches out to others, if she’s interested, expect a timely reply. “I’m not into games or waiting a set amount of time to respond. I’m more direct.”


MyTiesAre Skinny

James Hawver, 29

New York, N.Y.

Real Estate Agent

Looking for: women

How he attracts attention: “I intentionally make provocative claims, like Ryan Gosling could play my stunt double. The cool women get the self-deprecation.”


Yulya Mak, 23

New York, N.Y.

Music Artist

Looking for: men

“People love my travel photos – especially my skydiving one!” A few of the key qualities she’s looking for in a guy: “Adventurous, family-oriented and love of foreign travel.”


Michael Lowney, 28

New York, N.Y.


Looking for: men

His secret to making a great first impression? “My best friend is a professional photographer, so I ended up using a profile picture he took. It’s the best picture I have of myself.”


Daniela Asaro, 32

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Digital Producer

Looking for: women

What potential dates find enticing about her: “Most comments focus on my eyes, eyelashes and my hair.” She also earns praise for her “self-deprecating” nature.


James Lann, 36

Georgetown, Texas

Country Singer-Songwriter

Looking for: women

“I like the fun look I have on my face in my profile picture. It seems to get people’s attention.” His type: “A down-to-earth woman who isn’t afraid to have fun but also get work done.”


Danielle Marcum, 26

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Self-Employed Map Maker

Looking for: men

“Men often tell me they like that I have my own business. They also comment on my smile and that I like to hunt and fish.” Her dating strategy: “I like the guy to make the first move.”


Justin A. Wade, 35

Aiken, S.C.

Clydesdale Breeder-Business Owner

Looking for: men

His most common message is: “You’re hot!” Biggest challenge: “I’m not willing to relocate. It’s the gay farm dilemma: No one wants to leave the farm they work for.”


Dana Price, 49

Greenville, Texas

Raises Arabian Horses

Looking for: women

“People say they like my profile because I do a lot of great things for animals and the mentally challenged.” Her other big selling point: “I’m also good at fixing things.”


Brad Thomas, 40

New York, N.Y.

Fitness Trainer

Looking for: women

“I want to communicate a vibe that shows a self-assured man who enjoys life.” His feedback? “Women say my profile comes off as genuine and sincere about finding a life partner.”

Uses professional photos!


Stacey Henley, 47

San Jose, Calif.


Looking for: men

“I make revisions to my profile once a month to keep it fresh.” Her secret weapon? “I worked with Smart Dating Academy—they are experts who helped me choose the best photos.”



Andrew Michael, 27

New York, N.Y.

Investment Banker

Looking for: men

“I get around 500 messages a week.” So who makes the cut? “Someone who clearly takes care of his body, a sense of humor is mandatory, and I have a weak spot for blonds!”



Joel Chakra, 29

Columbus, Ohio

Project Manager

Looking for: women

“I take pride in my profile pictures—I always get comments about my height [he’s 6’4]. Women say, ‘I’m so glad you’re over 6 feet so I can wear heels when we go out.'”

Former beauty pageant winner!


Tammy H. McDonald, 45

Columbia, S.C.

Registered Nurse

Looking for: men

“Many men will say they’ll sell their motorcycle tomorrow if I’ll go on a date with them, because I put that I don’t like motorcycles in my profile!”



Yan Falkinstein, 31

Los Angeles, Calif.


Looking for: women

His online-dating credo: “I don’t pretend to be someone that I’m not. I try to have my profile picture reflect who I am and show my better features.” Biggest compliment: “I’ve been told I have nice eyes.”


Jackie Shapiro, 23

New York, N.Y.

Graduate Student

Looking for: men

Her personal slogan? “It’s not about the event, it’s about the company.” And what kind of company does she like: “I gravitate toward the Adam Sandler type – quirky, funny, smart, Jewish and warm.”